Offseason Diagnosis: Final Standings

So, the final standings at last come! My apologies in how they've been coming -- I've been working my ass off, then in Mexico (Cabo) for the last week on vacation. I have quite a backlog of games to watch!


thedoctor: 17
Joe: 17
Americanario: 16
Tommelot: 16
DD: 15
Dario: 15

I win!!!! ...and so does Joe, but the tiebreaker goes to me with my guess of 51.5m (nhlnumbers puts us at 51.008).

Actually, everyone is grouped within a 2 point range, which I find fairly remarkable and awesome. Technically, there are some unanswered questions on the list -- the Forsberg ones -- that could change the final standings, but I'm just not willing to wait that long. Anybody disagree?

So Joe owes me a beer at the Official MHH game*, whenever that is. The KYGO Puck Pass events (2 lower bowl tickets + 2 drinks + $10 at the gift store for $100) are actually all on Ticketmaster even into next year, may I suggest one of those? Let's get the ball rolling on this and we can all decide if we want to out ourselves in person. :)

* Maybe. If he wants to.

(My guesses in parens still, italics for wrong, bold for correct.  If a question depends on another response, obviously the dependent guess is null and void for the competition.  On numerical responses, it's the closest.  Each right/closest answer gets a point.  Ties all get a point.)


Joe Sakic's return:  (yes)(Everyone)
Joe Sakic's cap number:  ($5m) (Dario, 5.5m)

John-Michael Liles' return:  (no)(Joe)
John-Michael Liles' eventual team [if he moves]:  (Carolina)
John-Michael Liles' cap number [wherever he ends up]:  (4.5m)(Me, Joe)

Andrew Brunette's return:  (no)(Everyone)
Andrew Brunette's cap number [wherever he ends up]:  (2.5m)(Me, Dario)

Jose Theodore's return:  (yes)(DD, Dario)
Jose Theodore's cap number [wherever he ends up]:  (4m)(4.5, Americanario)
Length of contract: (3 years)(2, Joe, Americanario)

Adam Foote's return:  (yes)(Everyone)
Adam Foote's cap number [wherever he ends up]:  (4m)(3.5, Dario)

Peter Forsberg's return:  (yes)
Peter Forsberg's cap number [this means prorated]: (2m)
Peter Forsberg's return date: (Feb. 1)

Jeff Finger's return:  (yes)(All wrong)
Jeff Finger's cap number [wherever he ends up]:  (1.5m)(1.9, DD)

Kurt Sauer's return:  (yes)(DD, Dario)
Kurt Sauer's cap number [wherever he ends up]:  (1.5m)(Me, Tommelot)

Scott Parker's return:  (no)(All wrong, technically)

Tyler Arnason's return:  (yes. :( )(all right)


Wojtek Wolski's cap number:  (2.5m)(3.0, Joe)
Length of contract: (3 years)(No one)

Marek Svatos' cap number:  (2m)(Me, Tommelot, Americanario)
Length of contract: (1 year)(2 year, everyone but me and Dario)

Will they make the team on opening day? [Scratches count]

TJ Hensick:  (yes) (Tommelot)
David Jones:  (yes) (All)
Brad Richardson:  (yes) (Joe)
Kyle Cumiskey:  (no) (Me, Tommelot, Americanario)
Cody McCormick:  (yes) (Me, Joe, Tommelot, Americanario)
Cody McLeod:  (yes) (Me, DD)
Johnny Boychuk:  (no) (All)
Chris Stewart:  (no) (All)
Nigel Williams:  (no) (All)
Tyler Weiman:  (no) (All but DD)

Position Battles on opening day

Third Line Center: (Tyler Arnason *sigh*) (All but Dario)
Starting Goaltender: (Jose Theodore) (Dario, DD)


Avs overall cap number on opening day: (51.5m) is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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