Profiles in Courage: Ben Guite

I’ve banged out a few of these pseudo-profiles back in the day at BBnR and I thought I’d do a few more during this offseason. Unfortunately for the Avs, their offseason started early.  I’ve had bits and pieces of this one on the back burner for a while so here goes.  This is kinda my version of one of DD’s report cards, but more fanboy-ish.  With award season for the hockey world creeping ever closer as the Stanley Cup Finals slide toward us like a glacier before the impact of global warming, I’m going to throw this out there:


I’d like to nominate Mr. Ben Guite for the first ever MHH Unsung Hero Award.  He has the following qualifications:


  • Gets oodles of PK minutes and ended the regular season with the most short-handed time on ice among forwards on the entire team.  Clearly, he is a responsible defensive forward or he wouldn’t be out there in those situations.
  • He’s 2nd on the team in face-off percentage with 48%.  48% doesn’t sound that great, but when you recall the horrendous FO #’s this team put up during the regular season, you’d be smart to take that 48% to the bank.  For comparison, Son of Stastny had an even 51% in the regular season, while Tyler Arnason won about 47%. 
  • Speaking of which, Guite took a whopping 73% of the team’s face-offs in short-handed situations and won just over 41% of them.  Conversely, Arny took 2.5% and went 2 for 7.
  • In an injury-riddled season where the Avalanche medical staff did everything humanly possible to maim Colorado players on a nightly basis (short of sending them to see the Flyers’ team physician), Guite played 79 games.
  • In only his second NHL season, Mr. Guite notched 22 points (11 goals, 11 assists) on what passed as Colorado’s third/fourth checking line. Both were career highs.
  • Speaking of highs, the esteemed Mr. Guite led the team in hits with 115.  That makes that 79 games played stat look even better.
  • He had two game-winning goals this season, more than Coach Q favorite Arnason (who had 1).
  • He also finished the season as +1 while lining up against the other teams’ top lines with shutdown linemates Lappy and Pick-a-Cody.
  • His line + Adam Foote = Marian Gaborik is sad
  • He scored a great short-handed goal against former Vezina-nominee goaltender Backstrom in the first round of the playoffs.
  • Hell, he only finished -1 in the Detroit series, that's gotta count for something...
  • And last but certainly not least, he rocked a porn-worthy handlebar mustache at different times during the regular season! That's right sportsfans, facial hair OUTSIDE of the playoffs.


Image courtesy of Larry Wong - Edmonton Journal

So there you have it, my opinion on one of the sometimes overlooked players on our beloved Avalanche. I think I've presented a fairly compelling case for Ben.  Let me know if you agree or disagree or if you have a nomination other than Mr. Guite.

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