Michael Peca is no Avs fan

Directly ripped from is this article where Michael Peca says the Colombus Blue Jackets are the new hockey messiahs and they'll crack the 100 points mark.

I don't mind optimism coming from a player, but then Mr. Peca goes and replies this to the question "If you're gonna make the play-offs, who isn't?"

"I think the teams that may not be the shoo-ins this year, fighting for a spot will be the Minnesotas, the Colorados."

Why'd you have to go and do that? Now I'm gonna have to rip on your team for the rest of this article. So here it goes:

The Blue Jackets franchise NEVER made the play-offs in their history.

Did they ever come close, you ask?
No. Only once did they crack the 80-point mark and that was last season.

At least there's a growing trend in the points they scored, compared to previous years.
One could make that assessment, but whenever your team only wins 22 games in their 2nd franchise season, there's really no other way to go but up.

Michael Peca is a god in my eyes OMGROFL. How could you possibly be negative towards him?
Michael Peca is a 0.56 ppg player in the regular season who only played 70+ games per season 6 times in his entire career.

At least he florishes in the play-offs, so this year will be saved as soon as the Blue Jackets make the play-offs!
Guess again. He's 0.37 ppg in the play-offs. That's ALMOST as good as Tyler "Play-off GOD" Arnason's 0.38 ppg!

At least he's got more play-off experience than Rick Nash
Yeah, but is that a good thing?

Nash is only a 0.73 ppg player by the way. That's some impressive stats!

At least they have Ron Hainsy. Their 4th most productive player last year, was a defenseman.

Finally I would like to thank the Blue Jackets for giving us Avs fans some perspective. When our leader and god was doubting wether or not to return and with the quiet off-season, you showed us that things could be A LOT worse. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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