InYoFace Rapid Reactions to Game 1

Great win to start the season.  I am pumped.

1.  Joe Sakic Ceremony.

Well done.  I thought it was very classy and deserving of such a great player and person.  This organization has been ridiculed and mocked a lot the last two seasons but they did this right.   I especally like one thing...

2.  Sakic enshrinement in the dressing room.

Have other teams done this?  I love this even though very few fans will ever see it in person.  This is a permanent reminder to the team of the legacy they follow.  An added bit of motivation is never bad. 

3.  This team came out to play

They look much better prepared to play this season than last.  The Sharks were outplayed all game.  Even in the 3rd period during that 5 on 3 (that Versus did a great job reporting on by the way.  Still don't know what that second penalty was).  The Sharks only scared me off of reputation alone.  It never felt like the Avs were going to lose.

4.  Duchene

Credited with an assist on Liles goal, he should have had more.  Man is he fast.  And as a rookie, he had great hockey sense.  He never seemed to me like he was thinking too much out there.  Just playing on instinct.  When he screened Nabby on Liles goal, and made several breakaway attempts, we have a very, very special player and I look forward to seeing everything he can do.

5.  Anderson and Defense

As noted in the game thread, Anderson seemed to go down a lot.  Which isn't so bad except that he seemed a little slow on his recovery.  I can see this being fixed though.  Plus, if it works for Tim Thomas....

6.  The Sharks looked frustrated

This is the most important point.  If the Avs can play like this every game (I am not expecting 5 goals each game) then they are going to be in every game.  Even in the games they lose, if the other team walks into the locker room thinking, "That game was much harder than it should have been,"  the Avs will be in good shape. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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