Potential Market for Clark, Salei, Preissing

So right now, we have 9 guys on defense vying for spots. I think Liles, Hannan, Foote, Cumiskey and Quincey have their spots locked down, so that leaves Clark, Salei, Preissing and Wilson fighting for 1 spot. Wilson has the most upside of the four, while the other three are all on (overly) expensive contracts that'll end this year. Everybody's talking about trading one or two of them, but I want to know what the market out there for them. Of the three, Clark has the highest value, as his flashy shotblocking stats is sure to attract a few teams. Salei and Preissing haven't played much this season, so their values are significantly lower, but both are experienced players that teams could give a chance to. [EDIT: Preissing actually has another year after this left on his contract. Thanks c0nquistad0rian. That makes him that much harder to trade...Man, what a shitty contract.]

So to find what the market for Clark, Preissing and/or Salei is currently, I surveyed all 29 other teams' defensive corps in the NHL right now. Note that I've not watched every game this season, and so I could be wrong in some/many of my judgments. I've ranked each team's likelihood of acquiring these 3 guys on the following scale: no chance, unlikely, below average chance, average chance, possible chance. Only one team we have no chance of trading with; I think we all know who they are.

(I actually don't have a lot of free time on my hand, but I did this anyways. >_>)





S. Niedermayer, Ry. Whitney, Wisniewski, Boynton, Eminger, Mikkelson, S. Brookbank

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. Anaheim are one of the most penalized teams in the league, and they don't have good PK. A shot blocker like Clark would have value for them.

What can we get back: Erik Christensen is on the market, but I doubt we want him. Draft picks and prospects like Matt Beleskey may hold interest.



Bogosian, Enstrom, Kubina, Hainsey, Schubert, Popovic, Salmela, Welch

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. They have a pretty set D corp, but they might be interested in adding a defensemen to make a playoff push to keep Kovalchuk happy.

What can we get back: They have a pretty deep prospect pool, and had shown in the past that they are willing to make bad trades to get into the playoffs. If by trade deadline they are a bubble team, maybe we can get something good from them for vet D like Clark and Salei. One of their wingers or goalies in the system would be great.



Chara, Wideman, Morris, Hunwick, M. Stuart, Ference, J. Boychuk

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. Bruins need offense, and may be enticed by Preissing's skill set. They have a stable D corp that would be hard to break up though.

What can we get back: I doubt they'll give up anybody with high offensive upside, since they need that kind of players themselves. They have lots of depth at center, but we do too.



Rivet, Tallinder, Myers, Butler, Lydman, Montador, Sekera, Paetsch

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. They have their own stockpile of average defensemen to sort through, so I doubt they'll want more.

What can we get back: They'll want to send guys like Sekera and Paetsch back to us. Not sure we want them.



Bouwmeester, Phadouche, Regehr, Giordano, Sarich, Pardy, S. Kronwall, A Johnson

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. They are DEEP in D. I'd also rather not see us trade with them again. It's getting downright incestuous the way we send players back and forth with Calgary.

What can we get back: After we finally ripped them off in a deal, maybe they don't want to trade with us any more either.



Corvo, Gleason, Pitkanen, Wallin, A. Ward, Alberts, Harrison, Rodney

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. At the rate they are going, they'll look forward to shedding overpaid mediocre D-men rather than adding them.

What can we get back: They were shopping Corvo, whose point shot is desperately needed on the Avs. On a nolstagic note, I'd love to see Yelle finish his career in Colorado (and he'll win draws for us).



Keith, Campbell, Seabrook, Barker, Sopel, Hjalmarsson, Hendry, (Byfuglien)

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. They are shopping defensemen too, since they need to sign Kane, Toews and Keith to long term contracts. But if they trade, say, Brian Campbell, they could then look for a guy like Clark, who has a smaller contract that ends this summer, to immediately step in and fill a void.

What can we get back: If the above scenario does happen, they might be willing to send us a prospect like Kyle Beach. They are also shopping Byfuglien, who has a hard shot, but I don't think we want him man the point for our PP.



Tyutin, Stralman, Commodore, Klesla, Hejda, Russell, Methot, M. Roy

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. They were one of the best defensive teams last year, but injuries to key guys like Commodore and Hejda, and drop-off in form of Steve Mason, means they've been shipping bucketloads of goals recently. They could look to shake up the D, and Hitchcock's defensive-minded style could suit Salei and Clark.

What can we get back: Columbia have lots of talents in stock. Guys like Michael Blunden could be in play.



Robidas, Niskanen, Skrastins, Daley, Grossman, Fistric, Woywitka

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. They are playing former pylon Skrastins big minutes. I would think they'll see Clark as an upgrade.

What can we get back: They were shopping former Youtube phenom Fabian Brunnstrom aggressively, but he's down with an injury. They don't have a deep farm system, so I doubt they'll want to trade their best prospects.



Lidstrom, Kronwall, Rafalski, B. Stuart, Ericsson, Lebda, Meech, Janik

Trade Potential: NONE. We are not fucking trading with Detroit. Fuck Detroit.



Souray, Visnovsky, Grebeshkov, Gilbert, Staios, Smid, Strudwick, Chorney, Arsene, Peckham

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. Souray and Visnovsky has been hurt already, but I don't think they'll look to the likes of Clark and Preissing for answers (not when they schooled them so badly in our recent game).

What can we get back: Underachievers like Robert Nilsson. I'd say avoid.



McCabe, Ballard, Leoprone, Seidenberg, Kulikov, Allen, Koistinen

Trade Potential: PROBABLE. 2nd worst PP and worst PK in NHL. They need help everywhere. [Quite embarrassing, really, that we let in 3 PP goals and couldn't score on a 4 min PP in 3rd period]

What can we get back: If we can snatch Horton from them by packaging Clark with a lower-end prospect or a middle draft pick, that would be great IMO. They have plenty of interesting prospects as well.



Doughty, J. Johnson, Scuderi, O'Donnell, Drewiske, Greene, R. Jones, Harrold

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. Recently filled the 6th spot on their D with Randy Jones, and he has played pretty well so far. Given that they actually traded 2 of their defensemen to us, I don't think they're looking to get any back.

What can we get back: I wouldn't mind seeing Ivanans replacing Koci as our tough guy, but that'll be another trade altogether.



Zidlicky, Burns, Johnsson, Schultz, Hnidy, Zanon, Scott, Sifers

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. They are looking for forwards rather than defensemen. Then again, I'm not sure what Todd Richards want to do with this team.

What can we get back: Near-busts like Earl and Sheppard or vets like Sykora and Miettinen that are not really worth it.



(Markov), M-A. Bergeron, Hamrlik, Mara, Spacek, Gorges, Gill, Belle, Mathieu Carle, O'Byrne, Y. Weber

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. Back when they lost Markov, I thought it would be a great opportunity to dump one our excess D on them. They signed Marc-Andre Bergeron instead. Unless another crippling injury strikes their D, I don't see a market there.

What can we get back: Kostitsyn brothers. They'd dump them for free these days though. Laraque's recent incident may sour his relationship with Montreal's top brass, and he would be a much more imposing force in the unipron than Koci.



S Weber, Suter, Hamhuis, Bouillon, Franson, Klein, Sulzer, Laakso

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. Depends on where they stand at the deadline I think. If they're in playoff talks, they may want to add defensive depth, but they also have lots of young blueline talents coming up.

What can we get back: Ryan's brother, maybe? Their goalie prospects also look enticing, and they could be willing to trade them if they see Rinne as their goalie of the future.


New Jersey:

Martin, A. Greene, White, Salvador, Oduya, Mottau, M. Fraser, C. Murphy, Corrente

Trade Potential: PROBABLE. Their blueline is in flux right now. The only offensive minded defensemen is Cory Murphy, and he's been waived once already. Clark, Preissing and Salei could all have value for them.

What can we get back: They are offensively challenged themselves outside their top line, so we won't get any high-end talents from them. I'd settle for draft picks.



Streit, Sutton, Witt, Hillen, Gervais, Martinek, Meyer, MacDonald

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. On one hand, their blueline is rather shoddy. On the other hand, they are obviously rebuilding, and adding expensive vets on one-year contracts doesn't make sense for them. Then again, I don't think they possess any hockey logic period. Anyways, their focus is trading their excess goalies.

What can we get back: Garth Snow brings up the name Rob Schremp. Sherman laughs for a long time and hangs up.



Del Zotto, Redden, Girardi, M. Staal, Gilroy, Roszival, Sanguinetti, Heikkinen

Trade Potential: ABOVE AVERAGE. These 6 blueliners have played every game for the Rangers. Maybe sometime around the trade deadline, they might want to add depth, but it's still unlikely they'd look our way right now.

What can we get back: They want to trade Redden. They'll never get to trade Redden. Hideous contract. Chris Higgins might be an interesting addition though (though if he keeps playing like that...).



Kuba, Phillips, Picard, Campoli, Volchenkov, Carkner, Lee, Karlsson

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. Very average group of blueliners, who may now be exposed with Leclaire out. Not sure Clark, Salei or Preissing would help them though, since they have the same type of players already.

What can we get back: Not much veteran wingers available, unless people think Cheechoo can still score. Chris Neil has been touted as a trade bait for years now, and nothing has ever came of it. He's an asshole too.



Pronger, Timonen, Carle, Coburn, Parent, Syvret, Tollefsen, Bartulis

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. Another deep defensive corps that likely won't need any additions. In fact, Randy Jones had to be waived since there was no room for him.

What can we get back: No idea. Nothing that will address our problems anyways.



Jovanovski, Aucoin, Michalek, Lepisto, Yandle, Vandemeer, Schlemko, Heshka, Sauer

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. Defense is in no way their primary concern. They need forwards.

What can we get back: They are shopping Peter Mueller. They won't trade him for veteran d-men on one-year contracts though.



Gonchar, Goligoski, Letang, Orpik, McKee, Eaton, Skoula, Engelland, Lovejoy, Guenin

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. On paper, it's pretty strong, even though the Pens have been bleeding away blueliners the past two seasons. Gonchar and McKee have been injury-prone though, and I'm not sure they can stomach Skoula for a long time. They're looking to repeat, so they will probably look for defensive depth during the deadline.

What can we get back: Their talent well has dried up with their recent cup runs. Tangradi might be an interesting prospect that they'll be willing to trade. From what I've heard, he's a bit like Stewart at this point.


San Jose:

Boyle, Blake, Vlasic, Demers, Huskins, Murray, Joslin, Leach

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. Another team destined for the playoffs, they might want to add defensemen with playoff experience come the trade deadline. Not sure if Clark or Salei is what they're looking for. Preissing played for them, of course, but I'm not sure they'll want him back.

What can we get back: Interesting prospects in goal in Sexsmith and Sateri, and considering that Greiss is ahead of both of them, Sharks could be willing to give them up for trades.


St. Louis:

E. Johnson, B. Jackman, Brewer, Colaiacovo, Polak, Sydor, Pietrangelo, Weaver, Strachan

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. Their pressing concern is at forwards, as none of theirs could score recently. They are looking to trade blueliners as well.

What can we get back: Jackman and Brewer are on the market. Neither would be of much to us. The older (and less talented) SoS is there. It'd be fun to have a second generation of Stastnys around.


Tampa Bay:

Ohlund, Hedman, Ranger, Meszaros, Hale, Walker, Krajicek, Foster, Lundin

Trade Potential: BELOW AVERAGE. I advocated Clark and Hensick for Tanguay, but now that Tangs is scoring for Tampa again that's pretty much squashed. They have lots of defensemen, but Clark would be an upgrade over half of them. Shot blockers should interest them, since I'm not sure people are sold on Nittymaki as a no. 1 goalie. On the other hand, they do also have lots of defensive prospects knocking on the door, like Ty Wishart and Matt Lashoff.

What can we get back: Stephane Veilleux is decent in his own end, but offers nothing offensively (He's also a douche). Wishart and Lashoff were projected to be playing in the NHL now, and the fact that they couldn't make that blueline suggests that the organization don't rate them much.



Kaberle, White, Beauchemin, Komisarek, Schenn, Finger, Gunnarsson, Exelby

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. There's a better chance they'll trade for Durno than any of our defensemen. They're willing to take on salaries, but only if we give them high picks as well. That's a no-no.

What can we get back: Stempniak, Stajan and Blake are available. Luke Schenn is frustrating them right now, but they won't trade him.



Mitchell, Salo, Ehrhoff, Schneider, Bieksa, Edler, O'Brien, Rome

Trade Potential: UNLIKELY. Their defensemen are injury-prone, but they've made fools out of Clark and Preissing enough to be willing to trade for them.

What can we get back: Not much, really. Cory Schneider could be traded, but he won't start here any more than he'll start in Vancouver.



Green, Poti, Pothier, Schultz, Morrisonn, Erskine, Jurcina, Sloan, Carlson

Trade Potential: AVERAGE. They have a below average group of blueliners. Not sure if our guys are that much of an upgrade over any of them though. They could use some depth, but they also have guys like Alzner coming up the system. They're not trading for anybody until Nylander GTFO.

What can we get back: Some good prospects on the left wing like Osala and Johansson that have their way blocked by Ovechkin and Semin. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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