Final Grade: Andrew Raycroft

  GP  MIN  W  L  T  GAA  GA  SA  SV  SV%  SO
1st Half 10 546 7 2 0 2.53 23 251 228 0.908 0
2nd Half 21 1176 4 15 0 3.42 67 585 518 0.885 0
Season 31 1722 12 16 0 3.14 90 836 746 0.892 0







Joined Team: July 1, 2008 (signed as an unrestricted free agent)

MHH Nicknames: Rayzor, Razor (which one is correct? click here)

Best Month: December (3-0, 2.25 GAA)

Career Highs: Raycroft did not set any notable career highs this year.

Report: Raycroft was signed last summer to a cap-friendly 1-year deal. The idea (I assume) was to back up Peter Budaj with the thought that perhaps he might regain some of that Calder-winning form from 2003-2004.

It didn't really work out.

Raycroft ranked 43rd (out of 47 qualifiers) in both GAA (3.14) and Save Percentage (.892). Razor had some flashes, but was never quite able to pull it all together. In 31 appearances, he allowed 4 goals or more 12 times. (The fact that the toothless Avs managed to win 3 of those games is astounding to me).

Yes, his 1st half numbers were respectable, but even when he was winning, you had the sense that he wasn't really in command of his game. I don't think he ever looked comfortable between the pipes - surprising for a guy who seems to have such, calm demeanor. Oh, and he really should have put some of that Toronto buyout money towards a glove that doesn't have a gaping hole in it.

Fun Fact: Raycroft reeled off seven straight wins between November 29th and January 10th. Unfortunately, immediately after that streak he went into a six-game losing streak and then closed out the year by losing 9 in a row.

The Andrew Raycroft Drinking Game: Drink every time someone makes a stoner reference about Raycroft in a game thread. Drunk potential: Moderate.

2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $800k ($800k)

2009-2010 Status: Raycroft is an unrestricted free agent.

Outlook for 2009: Razor is one of about 30 unrestricted free agent goalies on the market this year. His so-so season isn't going to net him a big contract and I expect he'll land somewhere as a backup with a similar deal to the one he signed last year.  I don't expect that to happen in Colorado, though.

Actually, Razor may find his NHL options to be limited. That rookie year was the last time he had a save percentage over .900. Don't be shocked if Raycroft starts next season in the AHL or perhaps in Europe. Does Amsterdam have a team? (Drink).


Next Up: Lawrence Nycholat

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