If I was GM for the offseason


After seeing what the peeps over at Pension Plan Puppets have going, I figured I'll see what I can do with the Avalanche if I was GM for the off-season.


About all salary numbers are from NHLNumbers, so blame them if the numbers are off. I also used players' salary from last year where available since I know I'm terrible at negotiating.

Another thing I won't attempt are trades, since I suck at speculating them. I have a terrible time even doing trades in any sports video game.



Smyth ($6.5) / Stastny ($6.60) / Hejduk ($4.00)

Wolski ($3.10) / Duchene ($1.25) / Svatos ($2.35)

Galiardi ($0.59) / Hensick ($0.85) / Stewart ($0.85)

McLeod ($0.54) / Guite ($0.50) / Tucker ($2.30)



McCormick ($0.53), Jones ($0.55)


AHL: Dupuis, Durno, Hendricks, Smith, Boulerice, Stoa (Many of these guys could crack the roster)


Trade Bait: 

Tucker - Either for a bag of pucks, or bought out if PlayItAgain Sports doesn't want him.

Svatos - If he can be packaged off somewhere with another player for some younger guys.



Let Go: 

 Arnason - No shit, Sherlock.

 Willsie - I'm not too fond of the time we had with him.

 Laperriere - No room unfortunately, but could be signed if Tucker is bought out.

 Sakic - I don't see how he can fit in unless it's at a vastly reduced price.


Forward Total: $29.43 M, including McC and Jones.

      ~$28.50 M, I think with Tucker being bought out.


Comments: I'm really sad Sakic and Lappy don't seem to fit in.

Also, it's pretty much the same team as last year, with the exception of Duchene. I really think he's capable of breaking into the NHL next year, especially if this is his competion.




Hannan ($4.50) / Liles ($4.13)

Foote ($3.25) / [Place an extra guy here]

Clark ($3.50) / Salei ($3.28)



Cumiskey ($0.50), MacKenzie ($0.48), Vernace ($0.50)

I'd place the younger guys with Footer since he can provide some vet knowledge for them.


AHL: Macias, Peltier


Trade Bait:

Clark - Maybe packaged with Svats.

Salei - Same as Clark.


Let Go:

 O'Neill - Dunno about him, plus we have plenty of potential D.

 Nycholat - Maybe to fill in alongside Foote, but not much cap space for that.


Defence Total: $20.14 M, including the three extras






Budaj ($0.8)

Listed by preference:

Gustavsson (~$2.00)* My guess for his contract

Niittymaki ($1.50)

Labarbera ($0.85)


AHL: Weiman, Bacashihua


Let Go: 

 Raycroft - No-brainer.


Goalies Total:  $2.80 M with Gustav

$2.30 M with Niittymaki

$1.65 M with Labarbera


Comments: Even if there's some fairly capable pickings in the FA market, there's not much cap room to jam in a high-priced goalie. I'd say $2 - 2.5 mil is as high as we can go.


Max Grand Total: $52.37 M, with Tucker still here, and Gustav signed.

Preferred Grand Total: $51.40, that's with Tucker bought out and Gustav brought in.


That would leave me with a bit of wiggle room depending on salary increases and next year's cap. I've read somewhere it's expected around $55 M.




Now feel free to rip my list apart. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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