Final Grade: T.J. Galiardi

11 3 1 4 -4 6 3 0 0 0 14


Final Grade







Midseason Grade: N/A

Final Grade: INC

Joined Team: Drafted in the 2nd round of the 2007 Entry draft. Signed on May 13, 2008.

MHH Nicknames: None yet


  • C (11)


  • 2nd (6)
  • 1st (5)



  • Tucker (4)
  • McLeod (4)
  • Arnason (3)


  • Hejduk (10)
  • Willsie (1)

Ice Time:*

  • TOT 16:20 (17th)
  • EV 13:57 (17th)
  • PK :09 (14th)
  • PP 2:13 (13th)

*Rank is based on total minutes, not average per game.

Best Month: April (3 points in 6 games)

Career Highlights: This was Galiardi's first season in the NHL.

Report: Galiardi closes out the trifecta of promising youngsters. While he may be the tiniest looking 6'2" hockey player (thanks to his razor-thin build), he didn't play like a little guy. I frequently confused him and Svatos as both players were willing to be physical with larger players along the boards and both tended to stickhandle with the puck a little too much. And, like Svatos, when Galiardi found open ice, he was able to do some damage (although Galiardi probably projects more as a playmaker than a shooter).

As with Vernace, 11 games is a small sample size. I'm not sure anyone really expected Galiardi to be ready for the NHL, but he was a pleasant surprise. His struggles in the faceoff circle (42%) were the only real knock on his play, and actually that's probably not that bad for a newcomer like TJ. Does the 11-game trial mean he's definitely ready to make the jump? Not at all. Hopefully, though, it gives us a glimpse of what's in store for us a little down the road.

Fun Fact: T.J. stands for "Terry Joncoctosten". Okay, the Terry part is true, but I have no clue what his middle name is.

The T.J. Galiardi Drinking Game: Drink when I mistake Galiardi for Svatos on the ice Drunk potential: Rather high.

What I Said Last Year: ...

2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $562K ($875K)

2009-2010 Status: Galiardi is signed for two more seasons at the $875K cap number

Outlook for 2009: T.J. Galiardi was an intriguing player to watch last year and I look forward to seeing how he develops. With the guys already on the roster, I don't expect him to have a large role with the Avs next year, but if the Avs get bit by the injury bug again, that might all change.



Next Up: Chris Durno


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