Free Agency, all hype?

I was just looking over's list of the 25 worst free agent signings and I noticed something in common:

1. Avery                  changed teams
2. Campbell         changed teams
3. Huet                  changed teams
4. Drury                 changed teams
5. Gomez             changed teams
6. Smyth               changed teams
7. Redden           changed teams
8. Briere               changed teams
9. Bertuzzi            changed teams
10. Nylander        changed teams
11. Kariya            changed teams
12. McKee           changed teams
13. Blake               changed teams
14. Selanne         changed teams
15. Fleury              changed teams
16. Holik               changed teams
17. Kasparaitis   changed teams
18. Joseph           changed teams
19. Audette          changed teams
20. Lapointe         changed teams
21. Kamensky     changed teams
22. Quintal           changed teams
23. Krupp            changed teams
24. Fraser           changed teams
25. Gratton              changed teams

Personal note, I'd put hannan in there.


A little simplistic but let's face it you don't know how tallent will mesh with what you already have on your team and when you gamble with a lot of money.  I think if you look, a lot of the "smart" free agent signings are actually re-signings:Crosby, Malkin, Ovechekin, Eric Staal, etc. or guys that are signed for 3rd or 4th line duties that finally got the opportunity to play regular minutes: Miettinen, well, he's the only guy that comes to mind right now, but I'll check back later.  You don't even hear complaints about Tomas Vanek's contract.  Because the team knows what they are getting.  Sure there are examples of it working out: Souray,  Chara and Savard come to mind and I'm too lazy to research more.  So buyer beware and free agents aren't so free.  Maybe it is better to trade for a guy to see how he works out--like fleury here and then he moved on. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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