Craigslist and hockey fans are a great mix

It's the absolute DOG days of hockey right now.  With Yip signed the only thing to look forward to is a Billy Sauer signing (excited yet?).  So, I was looking at some hockey things on Craigslist and it entertained me for a suprisingly long time.  Here are a couple of gems.

First up is a girl who deserves some rich old man's money.  She sounds very exciting and her tastes in sports puts her well ahead of some blond bimbo you might put up in a Condo somewhere. 

I am looking for a full set of Ice Hockey Goalie Gear. I am a medium build female that is 5' 7".
I would like to find a full of gear to play Goal as well as forward. If you have some gear, or preferrably a full set I would like to check them out.
Money is tight and I would be willing to barter for the gear. . . of course unless you know of a Hockey Sugar Daddy that would like to support my habit. You just never know.

Bless her heart.


Next is a woman I like to call the Black Widow.  This is not for the faint of heart and honestly this will shock you to your core.  The poor man is in worse shape than Saving Silverman and should not walk, but run to his nearest divorce attorney. (click on link for pictures).

Collection of Avalanche 303 xxx xxxx or email for more info..they belong to my new husband and his hockey shrine days are over! Make an offer..

Unbelievable.  Sir, if you are reading this you must grow a pair and stand your ground.  Good God man, would Patrick Roy put up with that?!


Next up is something that's kind of unique.  No, strike that... it's fricken cool as hell.  I'm no collector but this thing is absolute gold for the American hockey fan. 

I have (1) 1980 Miracle on Ice Framed 16x20 poster that is autographed by the entire team as well as coach Herb Brooks. (Pictured)

Good luck getting $2400 in this economy, even though it's probably worth that.  U.S. American JM Liles makes a good living, maybe he will make that exchange in the parking lot at King Soopers?


Last, I bring you Jerry Seinfelds girlfriend

I am selling my classic vintage complete original hand-held video games...
Mattel Electronics hand held Baseball from 1978 - $20 OBO
Entex Electronics Hockey from 1979 - $20 OBO
Tomytronic (Tomy Electronics) 3-D Thundering Turbo (binocular racecar game) from 1983 - $50 OBO

This calls for Turkey and a box of wine, who's with me? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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