Training Camp Day 3 - Now with video Goodness!

Hey Guys!  Camp finished up with a good scrimmage and a bunch of MHHers and Blueline guys.  It was great to meet people that I have only ever seen on here! 


I changed up a bit today and decided to share some video with you guys as well as some player breakdowns.  I didn't pay as much attention to the game as I would have usually, so I had to rely on the Av's breakdown of the game [altho I did notice some inconsistencies with my videos, but whatev].  I have some info and I am posting up 15 video clips.  I took about 30, but some of them were rubbish and I trashed them.  More after the jump!


First off, the drills.  I never played hockey.  As such, it took me a while to understand just how the drills were working, and what they helped teach.  They only had a couple today, as if  they wanted to get right to the scrimmage.  The drills were wrapped by about 9:40, the zamboni came out, and the scrimmage started just after 10. 


Drills:  Most of the time I was watching they dedicated themselves to simple drills involving a D, a C, and a RW.  The center crashed the net [no defenders], then the RW took the rebound and shot it back to the D, who slapped it toward the goal while the center tried to deflect it in, and the RW took the rebound [or a fresh puck] from the corner across the ice and shot from an awkward angle.  As near as I could tell they did this type drill in both the rinks.  They also did a few 5 on 3 drills and the standard puck carry and shot for everyone but the goalies. 


I watched Foote on our side.  He was often paired with a couple of the rookies that... weren't as polished as NHLers.  There were several dropped passes, bobbles, etc.  Footer smiled and encouraged his teammates, throwing out compliments and advice.  I was pleased. 


Scrimmage:  When the srimmage started I lost my mind trying to keep track of it.  The lines were constantly shifting.  The Blue team had about 6 different line combinations in a row to start the game;  that coupled with the fact that I can still barely keep track of all the kids ["Who the hell is 68?  Finn?  Who??  And ... 10 is Cumiskey?  Who is 48??"] led me to abandon my usual notes and come away with a ton of video instead.  I just stood around chatting and waving my camera in the direction of the ice.  Some of the video was terrible, some of it full of my conversation, but it will be good for those that couldnt make it to camp. 


When I got home I rewatched all if it and broke down whos doing what in each one [If I, who have been going, cant keep track of numbers, I don't expect you to] and wrote a bit about them.  I also have a very nifty camera, and have all of the vids in 720 x 1280.  I dont expect youtube to have it at full res, but it looks pretty good, and I have enough of a breakdown so you can figure out whos who.  If anyone wants the full video, I can yousendit or something.  Its big tho, 2.5 gigs all together. 


Disclaimer:  I suck at shooting video, the net was in the way and it was confusing my autofocus, yada yada yada.  Deal with it.  :0)


Haydar can shoot but gets pushed around

Note:  The score is already 2-2, with Jones scoring twice for Blue and Stewie twice for Black.  I dont have any of the goals, but they both had great great games. 

Darren Haydar (12) made a decent shot and was skating well, just to be smashed by McLeod at the end.  Black team is running Foote, Cumiskey (10), Mercier (43), Hensick (7), and Stats.  Blue team has Barrie (75), Elliot (48), Jones, Duchene, and Haydar.  Haydar has a decent shot off the crossbar at :50, the play shifts down ice, and he gets laid out at 1:24.  I think that McLeod [who came on in a change at 1:12 just didnt think about how hard he was hitting him.


Haydar is awarded a penalty shot instead of a power play

Haydar gets to try that nice top shelf shot again.


Duchene is awesome

No scoring in this clip, just Duchene making plays.  The Blue line is Wolski, Duchene, and Hejduk against the Black line Tessier (74), Sertich (36), and Durno (45), tho I think this is an incomplete change.  The action with Boy Wonder [yeah I think Boy Wonder works out] starts with the Blue drive around :19.  Watch how Wols drops it just a bit, and Durno (45) comes sweeping around, thinking he has it made.  Duchene reaches out just past the blue line and strips Durno of the puck to break up the play at :28, and even manages to send it back the other way.  Now watch what Duchene does... He knows hes out of position down ice.  He comes flying back into camera frame and leaps around Sertich at :33 to get to the front of the net.  Haydar doesn't even see him, hes so quick, and ends up passing it back to Wols!


Basic Scrimmage Play

Nothing special here, just what the scrimmage looked like, as well as some of the other players that I havent had any chance to highlight elsewhere.  Black Line:  Stewart (25), O'Reilly (37), McLeod, Cumiskey (10), and Clark.  Blue: Haydar (12), Koci (28), and Matt Clarke (46), who appeared to be playing forward all day.


Following Tessier

I do like this kid's shot, but the rest of his game needs some work.  This clip I tried to follow him to see how he moved... I didn't get anything telling, but figured I'd share it anyway.  Of course, the next shift he assisted on a goal from Macias.  Terrible focus problems.


Duchene/Stastny Faceoff

This faceoff made me smile, looking at the future of the franchise.  After the faceoff I planned on following Hensick, hoping he would show us something fun...


Duchene/O'Reilly Faceoff

Nothing special, just the faceoff, followed by Duchene doing some nice skating with the puck.


Scrimmage Footage

Black line:  Stats, Hensick (7), Mercier (43), Clark, Fahey (57).  Blue Line:  Haydar (12), Burki (38), Baron, Hannan, Peltier (6).  Line changes happen about 40 - 50 seconds in.  New Black Line:  Tessier (74), Durno (45), Setrich (36), Guance (73), Macias (47).  New Blue line:  Duke, Koci (28), and Clarke (46, playing forward), Elliot (48), some one else I couldnt see.  I start to follow Jones at the end, hoping he will do something explosive so you see what I am talking about, but nothing happens.

Wolski Being Awesome

Check out Wolski as he orchestrates this entire drive down the ice.  He gets the puck at his own blue line, chips it just out of Stewarts reach, punks O'Reilly, who is sure he is going to intercept it, and chips it again around McLeod.  He then get its Burki, who swings right, and Wols is able to cross left for a shot.  Granted he may not be able to do this during a real game, but I thought it was nice.


Stastny's First Goal

Note:  Pretty sure Craig Stancher is a little mixed up here, and has accidentally transposed the two goals.  The first goal was assisted by Mercier and Hensick, the second with Mercier and Cumiskey. 

Anyway, this is a full shift from faceoff between Duchene and the Stazzer, going first one way in favor of Blue, then the other in favor of Black, where Stats scores at the very end.  A couple of specific points:  Mercier (43) was working his way toward the goal on the far side when he is challenged by Skinner (3) and stalls out.  Stats come in and breaks up the play at :38, and the puck lands on Hensick's (7) skates.  He glides in, stops at the edge of the paint, and gives a no-glace-backward-backhand pass at :41 to Mercier.  And Mercier misses wide left.  Luckily he has the presence of mind to go after it, makes the pass to Stastny, and he scores.  Decent move by Hensick tho.  Great play by Stats to break up the play as well as make the goal.


Marty Setrich Goal

This is a long one, almost 3 mins, and has three shift changes before I happened to catch the goal at the end.  I'll go ahead and do some lines, even tho you probably won't be able to follow well.  1st Blue:  Haydar (12), Jones (54), Wolski, Wilson (44), Pelier (6).  1st Black:  McLeod, O'Reilly (37), Stewie (25), Guance (73), Finn (68).  First change happens between 1:00 and 1:15.  2nd Blue:  Burki (38), Clarke( 46), Koci (28), Elliot (48), Montgomery (56).  2nd Black:  Stats, Mercier (43), Hensick (7), Cumiskey (10), Foote.  Line change between 1:50 and 2:10.  3rd Blue:  Duke, Duchene, Jones, Quincey (27), Barrie (75).  3rd Black:  Durno (45), Setrich (36), Tessier (74), Fahey (57), Clark.  Anyway, starting about 2:45 Hejduk has the puck but is feeling pressure from Fahey (57), and dumps it off to Quincey (27).  Quincey, tho, is being harrased hard by Durno (45), and tries to pass it back to Duke behind the net.  But Setrich intercepts and puts it past Weiman pretty easily.


Jones Completes the Hatrick

Jonsey was a madman in the game.  This is his final goal, coming from the Jones, Duchene, Hejduk line.  They faced off against the Tessier (74), Setrich (36), Durno (45) line.  Blue defenders were Barrie and Quincey, Black's were Clark and Fahey.  Boods was in net.


Scrimmage Footage II

I'm not going to break this down at all, Its just more scrimmage.


Paul Stastny's Second Goal

This is the one that has Cumiskey helping out.  Notice at :6 Mercier lift Duke's stick, allowing Cumiskey to make the steal.  Cumiskey almost ruins it tho by bobbling the puck, but whatever, it worked out.  Simple, clean goal.  Thats Weiman in net.


Final Four Minutes

This is just the last four minutes of srimmage, ending with an empty netter by Hensick.  Black wins 7-5.





So that was training camp.  I won't make Colorado Springs, and I almost certainly won't make any of the other preseason games.  Its been fun tho guys!  Lets go Avs! is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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