Just How Bad Are the Avs with a 2-Goal Lead?

Despite the successes of the Avs to this point, when the Avs have a 2-goal lead it appears that there is an impending sense of doom as the opposition mounts their comeback. So, how often does this happen and what are the results of such games?

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This season the Avs have been in 8 games where they have had a 2-goal lead that they have lost:

  • Game 5 versus Boston (a 4-3 win)
  • Game 10 versus Carolina (5-4 W)
  • Game 22 versus Edmonton (4-6 L)
  • Game 23 versus Vancouver (2-5 L)
  • Game 24 versus Philadelphia (5-4 W)
  • Game 27 versus Minnesota (3-5 L)
  • Game 39 versus Anaheim (2-4 L)
  • Game 46 versus Buffalo (4-3 SOW)

Now, the results from these games is 4 wins and 4 losses. So basically when the Avs surrender a 2-goal lead, you might as well flip a coin to determine the result. The results look even less positive if this is broken down by period:

  • 1st Period: 1 occasion
  • 2nd Period: 2 occasions
  • 3rd Period: 5 occasions

The record of the Avs when the opponent comes back in the 3rd period: 1 win (the shootout against Buffalo), 4 losses. So yes, now you can feel comfortable knowing that when the Avs give up a 2-goal lead in the 3rd period the game is probably going to end badly. Hopefully, the Avs have rounded the corner though from the period between Game 22 and 27 where they gave up 2-goal leads 4 times in 6 games.


However, looking into this 2-goal lead phenomenon deeper something interesting arises. Namely, the Avs record in games where they've came back from a 2-goal deficit, which has occurred on 8 occasions also:

  • Game 8 versus Detroit (4-3 SOW)
  • Game 10 versus Carolina (a 5-4 win and the only game to see both teams have 2 goal leads)
  • Game 13 versus Calgary (3-2 W)
  • Game 17 versus Chicago (4-3 SOW)
  • Game 25 versus Nashville (3-4 OTL)
  • Game 29 versus Florida (5-6 SOL)
  • Game 42 versus Detroit (2-4 L)
  • Game 47 versus Calgary (3-2 SOW)

This is an exceptional 5-1-2 record. Notably, only 3 of these games have ended in regulation whereas 7 out of 8 did when it is the Avs giving up the lead.


Clearly, the Avs are not the only team that gives up 2-goal leads. They are also not the only team to lose after giving up such a lead. However, they are irregular in the fact that they do not scramble to pick up the 'loser point' that would inflate their record in such games. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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