Tonight Around The League

The Western Conference standings are looking a little frightening, especially since the Avs haven't played in a few days. Here's a look at tonight's games.

Columbus @ Boston: Boston has slowed down as the season has progressed, but let's hope they can take the 2 points from the 14th placed BJs.

St Louis @ Ottawa: The Sens have been good lately and (like the Avs) won their last 4. Obviously  Eastern teams taking points from Western clubs helps the Avs, so let's hope Ottawa can extend their winning streak to 5 games tonight and keep the 12th placed Blues from earning points.

Buffalo @ LA: The Sabers have posted a 7-1-2 record in the L10. Hopefully they can get a win here.

Anaheim @ SJ: The Ducks have silently been creeping up in the standings and have moved up to 11th in the West with a surprising 7-3-0 recording in L10. The Sharks and Blackhawks are two teams that have taken off in the standings from the rest of the conference. Provided SJ & Chicago do not encounter a 6-7 game losing streak, I think they will take the 1st and 2nd spots in the WC. The Sharks taking the points here is the safest scenario for Colorado.

Detroit @ Minnesota: This game really sucks for the Avs. The Wild have lost their last 3 games. It pains me to say this, but I hope the Adjectives can take this one in no OT. The Wings are suffering from heavy injures: Holmstrom, Kronwall and Franzen are all out. I'm not rooting for the Wild to win so much as I'm hoping Detroit will lose.

Nashville @ Phoenix: This game really really sucks for the Avs. The Preds are seated #4 and Phoenix is #5, both with a very impressive 61 points. The only good result that can come from this game is no OT. Phoenix does have an extra game on Colorado, so the 2 points probably do the least amount of damage going to the Coyotes. Let's also hope for a very physical game so that the Preds will be tired and sore tomorrow when they come to the Mile High City. Our favorite 'Yote (Sauer) is still on IR :(

Chicago @ Calgary: As mentioned above, Chicago and SJ have a commanding lead in the conference. I will also never cheer for Calgary. The Flame-Outs have slipped big time and have posted a 3-6-1 record in the L10 and are on a 4 game losing streak. Chicago has taken both matches between the clubs this season. Go Chicago!

Dallas @ Vancouver: Another game that sucks for the Avs. Dallas is in 10th place partially because they have the most loser points in the entire NHL. Vancouver has taken Calgary's place as the NW team nipping at the Avs heels for the crown. A Vancouver victory will not give them said crown, but let's hope Dallas can push them back in the standings a bit to give the Avs some breathing room. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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