How the boys in burgundy & blue will score this year

SO has their hockey betting odds up and there are some interesting things about the Avs:

The basics are that the Avs are pegged to score 89.5 points in the regular season.  For reference, the Canucks are supposedly going to score as many as Chicago (106.5) and the Calgary "great if you look at corsi" Flames are going to edge out our Avs with a blazing 92.5 points.  How our individual players did below...

I'll do Avs in bold and reference players adjacent in regular type


Craig Anderson - Vezina - 16/1 | Henrik Lundqvist - 8/1 | Marty Turco - 18/1 | Carey Price - 40/1 | Rev. Rd. St. Howard - 12/1

Paul Stastny - Art Ross (points leader) 100/1 | Henrik Sedin 5/1 | Creepy Ginger Twin #2 - 10/1 | Anze Kopitar - 40/1 | Vincent Lecavlier - 100/1


Total Points in the Season (over/under)


Stats - 77.5 | Eric Staal - 77.5 | Rick Nash - 78.5 | Zach Parise - 78.5 | Jon Toes - 74.5

Matty D - 61.5 | Scott Gomez - 60.5 | Nick Antropov - 62.5 | Phil "two first rounders" Kessel - 45.5

Ferris Mueller - 46.5 | The Desert Baron - 63.5 | Brenden Morrow 46.5 | Mike Modano - 42.5

The Duke - 45.5 | Alex Tanguay - 48.5 | Tuomo Ruutu - 44.5 | Kris Versteeg - 45.5


A few assorted things:

We are 20/1 odds to win the west.  That's even with the Yotes, above the Stars and Preds (25/1) but behind the Blues and Ducks (18/1) and Flames (16/1).  This odds table seems like there are three groups, the probable winners, our group, and the dismal group (Edmonton, Minnesota, and Columbus have reallly sad odds).  I feel okay about being middle of the pack on this, but it does imply that we will be fighting for one of the last playoff spots and the top five will be basically locked up.

Something is odd with how the odds are between the Flames and us, standings wise.  The odds on our division are:

Vancouver - 3/10 | Colorado - 4/1 | Calgary - 11/2 | Minnesota - 20/1 | Sadmonton - 30/1

This seems odd since the Flames have better odds to win the West and are supposed to get more regular-season points.  Not sure how that arrangement is going to work out.


I'm pretty pleased with Stastny's ranking, and he's been a lock for that points pace for a while now.  I also feel like Duchene and Hedjuk are being greatly undersold, assuming there is some semblance of line chemistry next year.  I also find it odd that Chris Stewart is not on the radar as he may be the goals leader on the team...


Here is Puck Daddy's post on it.  They have some nice tables. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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