Player Celebration Songs (Updated 12.14.10)

So I thought I would take a recent entry from Copper and Blue and run with the same idea here (in fact, I started with a copy of that exact table and made the obvious player changes and a few formatting tweaks... I hope that's not entirely bad form to copy someone's HTML, it's just that I suck at it). 

After reading through our discussion on the topic, I gather that many people are perfectly fine with the standard/classic Fog Horn + "Rock and Roll Pt.2".  I myself wouldn't mind the old avalanche siren back with a different stadium rock standard, but that's just me.

Nevertheless, I figure with all the player nicknames, infinite in-jokes, and the frequent thread-jacks and tangents of which we are all guilty, we can probably come up with some pretty awesome suggestions for player celebration songs.  And while I agree with C&B that we should call them celebration songs instead of goal songs, my reasoning is so we can give Craig Anderson a proper song when he's called out as the #1 star of a game--when he gets healthy of course.

So here's what I suggest (if people even care):

I'll make a bold-faced comment for each player listed below, and you all can reply with song suggestions.  My hope is that we can vote on favorites with "Recs" to determine which makes it onto the graph.  As the votes accumulate, I'll start linking to Youtube (or wherever it can be found).  On that note, please be specific of what song you're talking about (and even what "minute:second" you may be referring) so I can make the appropriate link.

The bottom-half of the comments can be the open-ended, random discussions to which we've all become accustomed.

If anyone has any other suggestions on formatting, adding columns, or a better voting system, please let me know!

This is updated as of the crazy game against Chicago (7-5 win, 3 goals in the last 2:30 minutes!).  I've added ROB, Shatty, Flash, Mauldin, Hunwick and removed Hannan. 

Unfortunately commenting is closed for this thread.  If there's really that much interest in updating or changing these, shoot me an email (it's in my profile) or make a note of it in a GD thread as divine inspiration hits you!

# Player Song Artist
3 Ryan O'Byrne
4 John-Michael Liles Girlfriend Avril Lavigne
5 David Liffiton Click Click Boom Saliva
Jonas Holøs The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden
7 David Van Der Gulik Who Are You The Who
8 Kevin Shattenkirk Star Trek Theme Song Alexander Courage
Matt Duchene Thunderstruck AC/DC
Kyle Cumiskey Here Comes Speed Racer Peter Fernandez
11 Philippe Dupuis

14 Tomáš Fleischmann Flash Queen
18 Brandon Yip The Yip Song Robyn Hitchcock
20 Greg Mauldin Duel of the Fates (Darth Maul Theme) John Williams
23 Milan Hejduk Duke of Earl Gene Chandler
25 Chris Stewart Move Bitch Ludacris
26 Paul Stastny Fanfare for the Common Man Aaron Copland
27 Kyle Quincey Surf Rider The Lively Ones
28 David Koci Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot
31 Peter Budaj Back in the Saddle Again Aerosmith
34 Daniel Winnik Live to Win Paul Stanley
37 Ryan O'Reilly Baba O'Riley The Who
39 TJ Galiardi Hair of the Dog Nazareth
41 Craig Anderson Girls, Girls, Girls Mötley Crüe
44 Ryan Wilson Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Drowning Pool
47 John Grahame
48 Matt Hunwick
52 Adam Foote

54 David Jones Indiana Jones Theme John Williams
Cody McLeod Dance of Druids Fferyllt
Peter Mueller

Entrance Music

The Game

Renegades of Funk

Motor Head

Rage Against the Machine

Goal Against
Take the Power Back Rage Against the Machine

Powerplay Music
Guerrilla Radio Rage Against the Machine

Penalty Against/Penalty Kill

Victory Song
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