Whassup BMF?

Okay, so the boss is in a meeting and I have a little "free time," so I thought I would see if I can find some reason for BMF becoming YMF, as in: "Quincey, that was weak, You Mother Fudger" or words to that effect.

Here's what I found out: (stick tap to for things stat-related)

First, a disclaimer: I know that it is not all about stats for D-Men and that a true stay at home d-man will not record masses of goals or assists. However, with that being said, my research has found out an unlikely stat.....

Last season, BMF recorded stats of  GP79 - G6 - A23 - P29

This season so far, GP18 - 0-0-0

This would put him on for GP74 - 0-0-0. Obviously, this is a bit of a misleading stat as it is unlikely that BMF will continue to post no points.

At the moment, he is a -4, which over the course of the season puts him at -16. Last season it was: +9

So I looked at his home/away split and it is +2 at home, -6 on the road. Okay, not very surprising there as lots of players struggle on the road.

Penalty minutes - On course for 74PIM according to NHL, which is odd, as he is already on 35PIM after 18 games. I predict 140PIM (quadrupling 18 games for 72 games played). This actually would be similar to his last two years' totals of 150 and 139 respectively. 

His stats since his head injury have been reasonably consistent with his stats before his injury, so that doesn't appear to be a factor.

Unfortunately, I can't find a comprehensive breakdown of giveaways/takeaways (but I am rushing!) which would be a better indicator of how he's playing defensively. A lot of the other stats are scoring based, which doesn't help here as he hasn't got even an assist.

In summary, I can't seem to see a particular reason why he is not playing well - his stats do not appear to show any significant anomalies. He is on course to play the same number of games, get the same number of penalties, yet his points total is zero. His plus/minus is not very telling. The only thing I can think of is that he just got a big fat, contract and he now thinks he doesn't need to try. Which makes my baby daughter cry. When I push her down in frustration at another Kyle Quincey dumb ass penalty. *

Oh, and that unlikely stat? If you start him on a Thursday game, prepare to lose as he is a -4 for all games played on a Thursday, as opposed to a +3 if he starts on a Saturday, despite having comparable GP and TOI. 

I would suggest that whatever he does on a Friday, he should do all week long.

*This sentence is used for comedic effect. I do not endorse physical violence in any way, shape or form. Unless it's in hockey. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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