What to Look Forward to During the Break.

Everyday while I'm in class I look forward to the next Avalanche game and on days when they don't play I wonder what in the world will fill my time when I get home, especially since I know that won't be homework. Now I have to wait till March 1st when the Avs play Detoilet on Versus. Then two days later one of my favorite days of the year the NHL Trade Deadline (being that I'm going into Sports Management my favorite days are all the Major League trade deadlines and drafts) so March should start well. Now granted the Olympics will be on till then included many USA men's and women's hockey games but it's not the same. So I wanted to see what us Avs fans have to look forward to when they return to play after the Olympic break.

                          Young Guns poster copy

- Craig Anderson: will receive some much need rest, after looking very fatigued of late making many errors which seemed to hinge 100% on the fact he has been overworked. He has started 16 straight games and will definitely be 17 straight come the 1st and I wouldn't be shocked if it was 37 straight come April 11th.


-Peter Budaj: Ok I know Anderson is a better goalie and all but I'd really like to see Budaj get into a game (hopefully March 4th @ Phoenix). The fact I want to see Budaj in a game has nothing to do with Anderson's level of fatigue, the reason I want Budaj in is he's a major fan favorite and can get the often much too quite Denver crowd excited even if it is because they want to poke fun @ the Slovakian goalie. Plus if Budaj performs well there is no excuse not to give him a couple more starts down the stretch to keep Andy fresh for the playoffs.

-John-Michael Liles, Ruslan Salei, Marek Svatos: Come 10:00pm EST when the Avs take on the Ducks what jerseys will these guys be in?

-Matt Duchene: Currently on a season pace for 56 points Matt Duchene has been on fire of late and 60 points is definitely possible. If Duchene keeps up his +/- pace of his play in February he will easily win the Calder, and the Calder watch should be extremely exciting come the end of this season.

-Paul Stastny: Will the Olympics spark something in Paul whose leadership abilities have been questioned. Paul has a big contract and less than 82 pts in a season shouldn't be accepted. 

-Wojtek Wolski: Wolski has had issues putting up the big points as he did in Juniors, but he is a +15 on the season; although Wolski will probably want a large contract after the season unless he puts up some big scoring numbers over the last 21 games he shouldn't expect to get a huge deal.

-The Young Guns: Five Avalanche rookies have combined for 9 GW Goals this season. There is no doubt the rookies have led this team and added a spark which will draw some big crowds if the Avs make the playoffs. As long as they maintain their spark and limit the mistakes the Avs are a lock for the playoffs.

-Kyle Quincey: After a hot start in the uniprons Quincey has slowed to a snails crawl and will need to pick up his game if the Avs want to go deep into the playoffs. 

-Pepsi Center Crowd: The Avalanche have had major issues drawing people to come to games this season, but a playoff appearance would help out. If the playoffs are reached the Avs will almost definitely sellout those games and seeing the exciting brand of hockey our Avalanche play should draw fans to come to the Pepsi Center next season no matter the outcome of the playoffs.

-The 2010-2011 Colorado Avalanche: I know I'm getting ahead of myself but as good as this Avalanche team has been next years team should be even better. Now that's exciting! is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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