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That quote AD put in his last article really got to me.  I mean, I knew the attendance had to be affecting the guys.  But for one of them to come right out and say it like that...well, it stung.  And since I'm out here in CA and can't do anything about it directly, I feel the need to do something.  So this is it...

We've been throwing out ideas for commercials and other ways to get out the word that this Avs team is worth watching in the hopes that the casual fans will get their buts into the Can.  Well, I say it's time we actually get serious about this.  We come up with a list of ideas, give them to Dater to pass along OR email/FedEx them ourselves.

Write down some ideas of commercials that Kroenke Sports Entertainment could reasonably do in the coming weeks and get on air during the Olympic break so that our boys get some crowds in March and beyond.

Here's the thing: as much as I love the rivalry commercials (i.e., the "don't help the guy with the Red Wings bumper sticker"), let's concentrate on this team today.  Let's get people in to see how good the Avs have become and what the new players are all about.  For example, the Andy/Howitzer "Told you that you wouldn't beat him glove side" idea is PERFECT.  It's catchy, entertaining, and makes someone want to see who the hell that guy is. (BTW, whoever wrote it ...sorry, short term memory sucks... please repost it here for me, k?  THX!)

I've come up with a couple more ideas that are in the same vein.

Scenario 1:

You see Duchene, O'Reilly, Stewie, Yip, and Galiardi standing around between the face off circles taking shots at the net, but the net's out of view.  On every shot, you hear that distinct "ding."  The guys not shooting are shaking their heads, talking to each other.  The shooter looks at them, and says "post," hitting his stick on the ice as he skates out of position for someone else to take a shot.  Next one up, similar situation.  Someone says "crossbar."  Duchene steps up.  'ding'  "That one was close," he says, half laughing.  Gali replies, "Horseshoes and hand grenades my friend." Duchene: "Okay, Gali, let's see what you can do!"  Right then, Boods (or Andy) comes hustling out on the ice.  "Sorry I'm late guys."  The rooks are all saying their "It's okays"  O'Reilly says, "No worries.  We were just doing some target practice while we waited." Pan over to the empty net where the only  marks are perfect spots high glove side.  Then show those guys making those shots in games, beating the goalies.


Scenario 2:

A bunch of scraggly old dudes are sitting around a boardroom table with papers and reports scattered about them.  A white board is in front of them with "Western Conference" written across the top.  It's divided up the way you would see in a golf tournament with on the left #s 1-8 , then a big black line and then #s 9-15.  The men are arguing about who is going to be at the top, talking about where the teams ended up last year and throwing out names like Sharks, Blackhawks, etc.  Then one guy pipes up and says, "Let's start at the bottom."  Another guy says, "Easy. Colorado.  15th." The others laugh and nod in agreement while one guy steps up to the board and puts a magnetized name plate with the Avs A and "Avalanche" written on it.  Just then, Footer busts into the room. The room goes silent as a few papers flutter to the table.  He stares them down, walks over to the board, grabs the nameplate off the board and slaps it crosswise above the playoff line.   "I guess you guys haven't been paying attention this year."  Switch to scenes of the team playing, with announcement of current standings and what teams are up next and how they affect their place in the playoff hunt.



That's what I got while not sleeping tonight.  Let's get some more going and help our guys out.  Who knows, maybe we'll get some free tickets in the nosebleeds out of it if they use our ideas. lol. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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