And with that loss goes the last shred of respect I had for Dater...

Tonight loss sucked. There's no way around that. We're tied with Calgary for the last playoff spot, we have a game in hand, and it's not effing over.

I don't usually read what Dater writes, but tonight I went to see what he said after his article was mentioned in the recap. I could hardly believe what I was reading. Let me elaborate on a few of my favorite parts:

"They're just not good enough, and probably never were."

Good enough for what? The Cup? Not this year. For a playoff spot? They are absolutely good enough for a playoff spot. Right now the team isn't as solid as it could be (rebuilding year anyone?) but to say they aren't "good enough" is ridiculous. But what gets me the most about that statement is saying that they "probably never were." To try and take away from what the team accomplished early in the season is just... I just don't even have words for how mad that makes me.

"By the way, can I ask a question: when was the last time somebody on the Avs really crushed somebody with good, solid, clean hit?"

DID YOU NOT WATCH THE GAME? I saw Quincey hit someone really hard at least once, and Mueller had a GIANT hit. There is photographic proof!


"But let’s face it, Dutchy is hurting the team right now, just like a lot of guys. He hasn’t scored a goal in 11 games and he’s been floating around a little too much defensively."

... How anyone could say that with a straight face is beyond me. I guess the 6 assists he's had in those games are just meaningless.

"And the last two games, we’ve started to see why they hated Peter Mueller so much in the end at Phoenix. His play the last two has done nothing to dispel his many critics who said he was just a soft, perimeter player. That’s what he was tonight at least."

Yeah, Mueller had has two bad games, I guess that means we should all hate him now like the classy, hockey-knowledgeable people of Phoenix! It's not like he visibly works his ass off every time he is on the ice... Oh wait...

Torts said it best yelling at some reporters once: A lot of things happened in this game. I wish you guys would watch the goddamn thing and report on the game.

"As I said before, a missed playoff run would invalidate everything and set everything back to ground zero starting next fall. If you miss, you miss. It’s failure, no matter how you slice it, and this will be three out of four years they will be known as failures."

I could not disagree with this more. I know some of you guys agree with him here, but I just can't help but hate it. I absolutely do not understand the logic in what he's saying. There is no effing way in effing hell that I would ever call this season a failure if we miss the playoffs. I'm sorry but I'm not going to say "Well boys, you missed making the postseason, everything you did this year was irrelevant! Duchene, that first goal- didn't matter. Wilson, the first time you laid someone out in a unipron- didn't matter. O'Reilly, the way you work your ass off night in and night out- didn't matter..."

Maybe I'm missing the point of all of this. The point of enjoying this sport and this team in general. Enjoying seeing the Young Guns first games and goals. Enjoying watching guys like Stewart dominate, and Stansty become a leader.

Dater says he's given up, that he thinks the team has given up too. Well guess what: fuck that. We've got games left to play and I'm not going to be a fucking defeatist. I wish Sacco would call him out and defend his players when Dater writes bullshit. This isn't about him "not being the teams cheerleader" this is about writing absolute crap and legitimating hurting the franchise. I can't believe they let him talk to the players, and I hope to god the players don't read what he writes.

PS. Don't worry, he didn't forget to say that Liles should be gone before training camp. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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