The morning after drinking...Avs style

I was inspired by an FB dialogue between gl, Chi, and me today to come up with some witty associations of typical experiences that occur the morning after a night out drinking with our beloved Avalanche players.  Feel free to add your own or do some change-ups!


Wilsoned: to get so hammered that you're not going to see the light of day for 24-48 hours

Wolski-ing: wasting away the entire day, sitting on the couch watching a CSI marathon; waking up next to someone whose name you cannot possibly remember but have a vague recollection of being called "Coyote Ugly" by your friends

JMLing: craving microwaved and/or fried foods

Foote-ing: having to move incredibly slow in order to keep the room from spinning

Pulled a Koci: clearly lost a fight the night before but for the life of you cannot remember how or why you got into it in the first place

Cumiskied: still totally ramped up from partying all night; haven't gone to sleep yet

Svatsed: never even showed up to the bar/party

Duking: going about your business the next morning because you can handle your liquor

Hobbiting: waking up with the same clothes on, having serious bed head and in need of a shower

Tuckered: Sham Wowed that midnight snack all over the bathroom floor because you could not stay on your feet long enough to make it to the toilet

Hendied: being the recipient of a brilliant practical joke, the pictures of which will end up on Facebook and video on Youtube

Stewied: scored

Clarking: chewing on the straw from your last Jack and Coke

Duchened: lost your ID

SoSing: sleeping soundly because you were the DD

Highlandered: fucked over with a pounding headache

Ferrising: waltzing in around noon, coffee in hand, just in time for a Biography special on Joe Sakic

Arnasoned: total blackout

Radared: came home with digits from multiple smokin' hot chicks/guys

Durnoed: got arrested

Yellering: pretending to be okay when you're really hurting badly cuz you just can't party like you used to

Jonesing: pissed cuz you couldn't go

Yipping: taking an hour-long shower...and another twenty minutes on the eyebrows

Gali-ed: feeling satisfied after a great night out

Saccoed: losing all your money to your friends because you kept betting over and over again that you could score with the two chicks/guys by the pool tables while totally passing up the sure thing sitting at the bar...even though no one could figure out why the hell you would want those two by the pool tables because they were old and haggard looking and clearly wouldn't be any good anyway


*Edited from feedback is in italics*

(BTW, I'm JMLing BAD and really want to be Wolski-ing right now.) is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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