Some Thoughts on the Voting

Okay, so I'm too lazy to make a fancy schmancy attachment of the voting charts that Puck Daddy posted after the awards ceremony...but I'm not so lazy that I didn't look at them.  And you should, too!  GO!

Obviously, we're all infuriated that both Ducene and Sacco finished THIRD in their respective categories.  It's crap, we all know it, but obviously no one can see past the shiny lights of the east coast to notice the awesome things that happened in our lowly cow town last season.  Bastards.

Anyway, I noticed a couple other interesting things besides the Lady Byng and Selke categories.  Got your attention...JUMP with me!

So, pull up those handy-dandy charts I lazily linked you to, and turn your attention to the voting for the Selke.  You'll notice the list is seriously devoid of the three capitalized letters COL after any of the players names.  What about Galiardi?  Radar?  Maybe even give Duchene some love, because obviously the Selke goes to people who are known for scoring.  Hell, even Paul Stastny might be mentioned on the list?

NOPE!  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a problem, I don't think any of those five guys really deserve to be in the top 5 of the Selke least not yet.  My problems starts at #21...Wayne Simmonds is better defensively than either of these guys?  Ok, maybe...but then there's other ridiculous names...I never knew Joe Thortnon was a defensive beast, but someone thinks he's 2nd best!  Jarrett Stoll got himself four points?

Ok, I'll admit, I don't watch any of those guys play enough to really throw a fit.  It seems odd, and I'm sure all of you could find one or two more freakazoids on that list that garnered a vote.  But now please turn your attention to an item on that list that will surely make you shit yourself.  Three voters, yes THREE, thought that one Wojtek Wolski is a top5 defensive forward in the league.  Are you fucking mad?!?!  We have seen this guy, and hey, I don't actually hate him, I wish him the best in the desert...but he ain't no defensive specialist.  When he's not lazing around, he's good for some offense, but I'm not about to anchor him against the other team's top line.  I would SO much rather have Radar, Galiardicus, even Matty D against their bigs.  What a fucking disgrace.  C'mon, Dater, you gotta at least put in a homer vote for one of the good guys!

Now for something a little more positive.  Let's look at the Lady Byng voting.  It's great to see both Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny following in the foots of Joe Sakic and getting some Byng love.  Not much, but some, and that's encouraging, because it's good to have gentlemen on your team.  Just ask the Sharks.

Duchene finished 22nd with four supporters, 2 putting him at 3rd, and 2 putting him at 5th.  Stastny finished 34th with two fourth place votes.  Awesome to see such young and mature guys anchoring our top lines.

Good job, gents!  Let's hope those numbers go up with time.

Oh, and don't sweat the 3rd place Calder finish, Matty...that thing's as good as your next year...oh...wait. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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