Avalanche Weekly

Yes, dear readers, it is that time again. We're at the slow part of the season, and Avalanche news has slowed down to a trickle. Time to bring back Avalanche Weekly, a feature that highlights some Avalanche-related stories that may not have been noticed the first time around.


The Avs annual Burgundy & White intrasquad scrimmage will be September 20th in Broomfield (not the Air Force Academy). Tickets are on sale now (Tickethorse), although there was a little glitch at the beginning. (Anyone But Detroit).

This was linked the other day, but it bears another look. John Canario at Hockey's Future has a generally favorable review of the Avs' recent draft. (Hockey's Future)

In case you missed it, former Brian Willsie's 2nd stint with the Avs is over. He signed with the Capitals last week. That would be stint #2 with Washington. (Washington Post).

Speaking of Washington, Ray Bourque's son Chris is headed to the KHL. (Washington Post).

And speaking of former Avs, the Blues inked T.J. Hensick to a 1-year deal (USA Today). What's odd is that the $600,000 deal would represent less than his qualifying offer (Hensick made $850,000 last year). Then again, his $105,000 AHL salary is a healthy raise from the $65,000 he made playing for Lake Erie last year.

Meanwhile, Peter Mueller and Chris Stewart are still unsigned. (All Things Avs)

Is there any rhyme or reason to AHL salaries? Scrolling through capgeek, it seems like there's some pretty big disparities in the deals to the new Monsters. Greg Mauldin is making $150K. Ben Walter and David Van der Gulik will pull down $135K. Meanwhile, Philippe Dupuis is making $75k and Julian Talbot is making just $62k. Poor Ray Macias is getting $50,000 while new signee David Liffiton is making almost double ($95,000). And I'm not sure if this means anything, but both John Grahame and Jason Bacashihua will make $75,000 to play in Cleveland next year. (Capgeek)

Former Av Tyler Weiman's AHL salary is $105,000. Ryan Boulding breaks down why he left. (Burgundy Blog)

Just in case you thought the Kroenke treatment was unique to Avalanche fans, here's an open letter to Stan Kroenke from a Nugget fan (Denver Stiffs).

Denver residents are getting yet another sports radio channel. Four? Really? (Denver Post)

Pavol Demitra - a guy I thought might be worth a look this summer - is headed to the KHL. He'll be doing the Lokomotiv for Yaroslavl - Daniel Tjarnqvist's team. (TSN)

Demitra's former Canuck teammate Kevin Bieksa is expected to be traded soon. (Nucks Misconduct)

Remember when we talked about former Lightning GM Jay Feaster as a potential candidate for the Avalanche job (if the Avs were to ever look outside the organization for talent)? He is the new Assistant GM in Calgary. (Matchsticks and Gasoline).

Mikko Koivu signed a 7 year extension at $6.75 million per season. Apparently, there was some backlash at that contract being to high. Personally, I think that's a bargain. (Hockey Wilderness).

The good news? The Oilers no longer have the best playoff record since the lockout. The bad news? Only 11 teams have fewer post-lockout playoff wins than the Avs. (Copper & Blue).

Finally, the following former Avs are still looking for work this summer: There may be more, but that's a big enough list for now.

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