The photo odyssy of an Avs superfan and adventures in Craig's List.

Sometimes, a picture doesn't tell the whole story.  And other times, a picture is worth a thousand words.  After the jump see the kick ass photo stream of an unidentified Avalanche super fan who's not autograph hunting for a profession but is out to document her passion for the team she obviously loves.

In other news Craigs List is a treasure trove of deals and unintentional comedy for Avs fans.  I wade deep in to the List to bring you the best deals to be found in the Denver market... sort of.


I don't know her name, and as far as I can tell there's no way of contacting this big time Avalanche fan.  I found a treasure trove of epic goodness from this fan who goes by nkotb_spice_nhl_fan or as translated from Swahili, "Lifeblood of the Avalanche fan base who should randomly get a free ticket by progressive marketing people who jump outside practice to reward dedicated fans instead of professional signature gatherer's looking to sell to Bill's collectibles".

Here is her journey: Flickr photostream.

So, first I want to say that these photos range from opening day-ish in October all the way through playoff-ish time in March.  I imagine it was a little chilly on Jan 31st outside the practice facility.  No unipron in sight, just "old school #19".   As Katsumoto says with his dying breath at the end of The Last Samurai, "Perfect... They are all... perfect..."

Before I pass judgment on players based on last minute photos (oh, and I will judge. "I AM THE LAW!) let it be said that we don't know what kind of day these guys had.  Some could be coming off an injury, some could have just been in a spat with a teammate, some could have just been dressed down by the coach after practice.  Photographs can't really tell you about someone... except when they can?  So yeah, I can't help it.  I'm sure some of you can't either but have you ever seen a bad fan photo of Joe Sakic?  Have you ever seen a picture with Stastny that screamed out that this guy is a stuck up d-bag?  Yeah, me neither.

First, the fail;  Look Tucker, you aren't in a game and this dedicated fan isn't your enemy.  Could you look like a bigger dick?  What happened to you man?  Seriously.  Wolski, you get mild props for not wearing sunglasses and slightly putting your head out the window.  But come on man, could you look more put out?  Chris Stewart, OK you got a smile but lose the sunglasses.  This photo was taken October 8th, I like to believe that after your demotion to the AHL and subsequent redemption to prowess later in the season that in today's world you would take off the shades.  Hanan, come on man crack a friggen smile and lose the game face.

The win; Hands down Matt Hendrix.  That's a picture for the ages, I'm kind of ambivalent about your game but this picture makes me a fan and I regret the Avs didn't retain you.  You love the game, you love the fans and I wish I had recognized this a bit more before the Avs let you go.  McLeod, out of the car and arm around the shoulders? Well done young man.  Sakic, you have never, ever let me down.  It doesn't matter if the media lights are bright, you are good people.  Liles, Budaj, Duchene, O'Reily, Quincey, Stastny, Yip, Durno, Porter and the rest of the Avs you guys took a little time to immortalize yourselves in a fan's heart with a smile. 

I say thank you and well done because you never know who might take your photo and post it on the web.  Like Ron Burgandy, it could turn in to kind of big deal and you might end up looking like Tom Preissing who seems he has better things to do.  Next time, smile boys.

Craigslist, no introduction needed;

It's the little tid-bits in the sales pitch that make the add.  Oh, you need $50 for the Adam Foote picture so you can buy new skates? That changes everything!

Oh, a chance to dump your Wolski jersey!  He wants to trade for a Sam Gagner jersey.  Er, current Avalanche fans that want an Edmonton jersey?  Narrow market my friend, very narrow. (i'dstillmakethattradethough).

OK, there's nothing real special about a $19 XL Avalanche jacket but this guy has reposted this thing every day for three weeks.  For the Love of Peter Forsberg someone buy the thing before it ends up on a Hobo at the corner of Colfax and Sante Fe.

This is a classic.  Who doesn't want an Avalanche Coors light neon sign?  Especially one that's an especially hard find.  People collect anything and this guy collects neon beer signs.  Guess what?  Wife wants them gone, classic.  I almost made a bid on this until I read, "I will consider trade, but only stuff. I don't want a massage or my house painted." DAMN! I'll never get rid of this massage oil.

Tossed this in because it's actually pretty cool and he's selling it for only $15.  Some of these sellers think they have found the Deceleration of Independence behind a Picasso with the prices they want.

The season ticket deal where you get upper bowl for half off?  Yes, they are selling them.

Oh no. No, no, no, no!  I quote, "Framed Avalanche jersey, signed by Roy, Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Yelle and more!! Email to see the 98-99 vintage jersey from the Avs Stanley Cup Team."  Dude.  I know Hull's foot was in the crease but that doesn't mean the Avs won the cup that year.

FAIL.  You need pay me $25 to take that Avalanche chair.  Did your Grandma hand stitch that for you because not even the Chinese knock-offs are that bad.

The final palette cleanser for you.  Not really a lot of Avalanche gear here beside some silver coins.  But this man doesn't want cash, oh no.  He wants to barter for very specific things... "I am looking for: a guitar (accoustic or electric), banjo, concertina, bass guitar, French horn, violin, metal detector, old guns (working or not-including old replica guns from the 1800’s), Indian artifacts, buffalo hide, wolverine pelt, mountain goat pelt, bagpipes."

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