Predict and Win Contest


Welcome to the Mile High Hockey predict and win contest

The Contest is: predict how the Avalanche will do in the 2010-2011 season, as instructed below, to win one-of-a-kind prizes and the praise and adulation of hundreds of the faceless internet hoards!


The Contest: You must predict the following 4 items to enter the contest and be eligible for the sweet prizes:

  • Predict the final point total the Avs will amass over the 82 game season?
  • First tie-breaker:  What round (if any) of the playoffs will the Avs get to? First? Semi's? Miss playoffs? Cup Champs? Etc., etc..
  • Second tie-breaker: Guess the Avs regular season final conference standing.
  • Third tie-breaker: How many starts for Peter Budaj?


  1. Make your prediction in the comments section of this post.
  2. Be nice. All predictions are created equal, so no attacking anyone or their prediction!! No name calling, no biting, no hair-pulling, no crying, but you are allowed to run with scissors near the swimming pool. Go nuts.
  3. You only get ONE prediction. Once you've had your say, you're done. You're free to comment, but please don't change your story a million times throughout the post as it will disqualify you from the contest.
  4. The contest will be open until 10am MST, Friday, September 3rd, at which point the comments will be closed and set in stone. The winner will be announced sometime after the season ends. Hopefully we can do it as quickly as the top 19 list.


The winner will receive a pair of season tickets! $25 gift certificate to the MHH store, a front page article declaring and celebrating the winner's amazing skills (photo of yourself included!), bragging rights all summer long (unless you get too annoying), and Mike will take you out for an Arby's lunch where he will personally punch the Arby's sandwich of your choosing.

We will also post a list of the top ten soothsayers on the front page.

Good luck, have fun, and may the force be with you as you gaze into your crystal ball.

A sample prediction comment would look something like this: Guided by my magic 8 ball, I foretell that the Avalanche will snag 93 points, miss the playoffs, finish 9th in the West, and Budaj will start 23 games.

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