NHL11 complaints and glitches

This'll be my last NHL11 thread. Promise. But I have too much to say to jam it into the old thread...

OK, so here's what I've noticed so far:

1. The Pre-Unipron Avs jerseys are still screwed up. The zig zag stripe on the arm isn't wide enough, and it just ends up looking like a plain burgundy stripe (like on the arms of the uniprons) when it gets moved around on the bodies of players.

2. Letters on nameplates still stretch and peoples' pants sometimes poke through their jersey again.

3. The hair textures still suck.

4. Elbowing and interference penalties don't look right.

5. They've recycled the end-of-game cutscene, the Stanley Cup cutscene, and the ejection cutscene. Again.

6. They recycled the commentary again, and since it's Gary Thorne that would usually be alright with me, but this is the second year in a row they've failed to take out the bit where he talks like Joe Sakic is still playing.

7. They have the wrong headshot for Ryan Wilson. Either that, or he's had some major plastic surgery done this summer. Hey, don't discount it totally... I mean, who has actually seen a picture of Wilson taken within the last 2 months?

8. I'm getting alot of trade offers in Be a GM, but they're stuff like Matt Duchene for Joe Thornton, and Paul Stastny for Derek Morris and a low draft pick. I mean, come on...

9. Sometimes my player freezes in the faceoff circle when I lose the draw. I would expect this from Sidney Crosby, who would no doubt be yapping at the ref about how the other guy cheated, but it happens to everybody.

10. They only have 3 available centers to use online. For the 4th line, you have to use Koci. Apparently they aren't smart enough to make at least Stoa available. 

11. They made the time between when it finishes loading and when your team steps onto the ice shorter, so now I have to completely remake my Avs intro, because the siren isn't timed right anymore. 

12. No Cohen or Shattenkirk. I have to wait for a roster update. 

13. They already had a mandatory game software patch on release day.  It's a real buzzkill to put your game into the PS3 for the first time, hit start, and see "There is a software update available for this game. You must download the update to play the game online."

Plus, Down Goes Brown got a bunch of glitches too.

So, what have you noticed? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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