What is the problem with the Avs? (Now with 33% more stats!)

After tonight's (adjective needed) loss to the Blackhawks, I decided to do a little stat digging and see if perhaps we can pinpoint an area that needs improved the most.  This is an 11 game sampling that started with the 5-0 (adjective needed) loss to the Los Angeles Kings, which followed on the heels of a (adjective needed)  game win streak.  

Since the start of this 11 game, let's just call it "bad" streak of play, the Avs have seen their offense go from 1st in the NHL to 4th, their Power Play drop from 4th to 9th (19.2%), and the penalty kill dip from...well, it's sucked all season, and now it sucks a little worse.  The team has gone 3-6-2, collecting 8 out of a possible 22 points, and have dropped from 4th in the West to 8th, only 3 points up on the teams chasing them, but having  played 2 more games.


Some interesting stats during this stretch:

The Avs have outshot their opponents 344-341, yet have been outscored 24-38.

Anderson's SV% is .890, Budaj's is .899

The Power Play is 3-48 (6.2%)

The Penalty Kill is 31-43 (72%)

Shut out 3 times in 11 games (0 times in the previous 33) 

I don't want to pick on certain players, but since I did the goalies, I figured I'd look at a couple players.  I decided only to look at Liles and Shattenkirk since the Power Play is the ugliest stat on the team as of now.  

Liles:  0G, 2A  -5    (5G, 23A and +15 in 33 games prior)

Shattenkirk:  0G, 1A  -5    (5G, 14A and +1 in 21 games prior)

Again, not trying to pin the streak on these two players, but it's clear that the inept Power Play has really hurt their stats (and for Liles, a chance at playing in the All-Star game).  It is clear from all the above stats that the biggest problems with this team right now are the Power Play and the Goaltending (The PK is heavily impacted by the poor goaltending).

Can they turn it around?  Let's hope so--with several key upcoming games against teams they're battling for a playoff spot. Obviously they're going to have to get their Special Olympics Teams play into respectable shape, but the goalies, and especially Anderson, need to be much better.  

The good news?  The Avs should get Stewart back just in time to play two games against the Blues--that should get the offense going in the right direction. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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