Lines if Forsberg is signed

If Forsberg is actually signed then it will add a huge powerful weapon to the Avs lineup. What then will the lines within this lineup be? While some may be pushing for Forsberg to join a line with Duchene or Stastny, how about placing him a third line. The benefits? There will be many. For one this will create an undeniable depth. Examine the Philadelphia Flyers. They have many weapons on their team. But most importantly their weapons are spread out. This success is also undeniable. In addition another important function this will serve will to be to keep Forsberg off the ice. While this may seem dumb at first look, the fact is that Forsberg does not need ice-time. He is still, as observable by the practice reports, able to play (perhaps minus the skating, also solved with reduced time), able to thread passes, and able to drive the net despite not playing consistently for awhile. Keeping him off the ice will also serve (no jynx intended) to keep him from getting injured, not overusing his already fragile foot. Aside from these benefits I see the lines looking as something like this:

Galiardi Stastny Stewart

Hejduk Duchene McLeod

Winnik Forsberg Jones

Porter Dupuis Yip

Scratch: Koci (Sacco plays when needed)

IR: Ryan O'Reilly

The only problem I see with these lines is that certain player currently on the IR (I only really included people set to return btw). As for Radar, I think he could easily be placed on the fourth line and used as a specialist (could you imagine Radar and Dupuis on same line; talking about shutdown). Most importantly all these lines possess the ability to score and the ability to play with grit. Every line has people who can hit and who can play dirty in the crease. Every line has someone who can put the biscuit in the basket. There could always, of course, be adjustments to this. I was mainly looking for tried and true combinations that seemed to have chemistry and mode of success in the past. On the PP we could combine all these weapons undoubtedly destroying any PK. Think reuniting Foppa and the Duke add Dutchie. 2nd PP, no problem. Davie Jones, SOS, CGDS. PK... well that's a whole other problem certainly separate of Foppa. Thoughts? Switches in the lines? Comment please.

P.S. I apologize if grammar is not the best. I am a psychology major. Never been good with proper English.

P.S.S. I doubt it severely, but if by a miracle Fleischmann returns we could move Hejduk to the third line with Foppa. Imagine THAT depth... and if Peter Mueller returns... its always good to dream. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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