Something missing?

Whats missing? A scoring winger!! In all other areas of our team.. We at least have the potential to have success.


First off, I need to say that I am impressed with our team so far defensively. I really do think Duchene and Hejduk will pull Mueller along as they start to hit their stride. Being with Hejduk is probably best for The Muell because Hejduk knows that once Duchene starts scoring he can go back and fourth between play making and being that under rated veteran sniper we all know he is. He quietly adapts to his line mates and is a threat and a veteran presence where ever he has played. I think we seen Hejdy's veteran presence come out against Boston in that way. He stepped up and made it happen.


On to SOS, Staz is being over taken by Duchene. We all know that and can see it, I am sure Stastny can too. The guy has been a quiet soldier for our franchise and has not had descent and consistent wings for a while now. Ive never been on the trade Stastny bandwagon really but more in the GET SOS A SNIPER camp. If we want SOS back we need to fit the center with the gun he needs and deserves. Subasew just does not cut it!! I don't care if he scored 20 goals twice before A LONG TIME AGO. 20 goals is the bottom end of a top 6 scoring winger and if that was him at his best he still does not fit the bill. Never mind the fact that of the two games so far he seems like he is responsible.. but I don't want responsible in a scoring winger!! SOS and Jones are both capable of that. I want someone who is going to take risks and fire the puck.. press plays and make SOS feel like its worth sending those creative but dangerous passes their way. BTW someone smack Jones and tell him "Dude we know you have gunz but you play your best hockey when your USEING THEM and driving hard to the net!"


I hope management sees that the Subasew experiment is failing before it grows mold and costs us irreparable damage.  I am more for giving a kid that is motivated the chance. I.E... Lindstrom.. I do remember some chemistry between SOS and Lindo early on and hearing Staz said that he enjoyed playing with the kid. At least that is fun and interesting to watch.. Try this.. and maybe it gives SOS a boost and we build a solid winger in Lindstrom. If the kid produces even a little bit.  He will be valuable enough as trade bait or can hold us over until we can make a trade at the deadline or pickup someone in the off season.


Stastny is a pure play-maker and he needs a pure sniper on his wing. I think he still has that reputation with the players and just about any sniper out there "I think" would look at playing with Staz as a huge bonus. I think Alex Semin is the best fit. I don't care about the media and speculation of him being enigmatic. This is another guy that is in the same boat as Staz. Playing on the second line buried behind Ovi and Backstrom. Ive read a lot of post by Washington fans that say hes even gotten a lot better defensively. Besides I don't think we have many more options. Parise would be nice but I don't see him leaving NJ especially since they branded him their captain. NJ is showing him just how valuable he is to their franchise.


A new start for Alex Semin and we get to show Stastny that he is still valuable to our franchise by going out and buying him the finisher that he needs. If its by trade or in the off season I would put 20$ on Alex wearing our colors by next year. He and Varly are friends. I think with the thumb of the media and a franchise already being scrutinized for inconsistency in the playoffs on his back. Playing with a friend and on a team and line that sets  him up for success would sound pretty good. There is also that whole money thing witch allows us freedom other clubs will be very envious of really soon.

1.) Like it or not this would also prove that management is willing to spend money on our beloved Avalanche.

2.) A trade may not make sense at this point. Or does it? We may be a threat to make the playoffs now without this piece.. or we may still be held back by our training wheels. We would have to weaken our prospect pool even more to do this without gutting the roster. Its a gamble either way...

3.) Am I missing something or does this seem like one of the final pieces we need to really be a threat to go deep in the playoffs? It could be.. Or maybe the wheels fall off like Washington 2.0?


I am always optimistic (not patient) but there is something missing even if our core reaches its full potential. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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