Avalanche Jersey Ideas

I've always been bewildered by some aspects of the team's unis. I think a lot of oddities in the jerseys have been overshadowed by how much we all don't like the strange piping that give us the "uniprons" we have today.

I'd love to get a huge discussion going critiquing what the team currently wears, and brainstorming ways they could improve. 

Since the RBK switch in 2007, the logo's increased size was a huge plus. But the piping (especially the fact that it runs through the alternate 'A' and captain 'C') is poor design and should be done away with. Take a look at the new Panthers unis for this season. Not only did they go back to red at home (which is a huge improvement), they removed the piping they've had since the RBK switch, and it's helped tremendously. Edmonton's new away unis are another example. Huge improvement from last year.

If they just removed the piping and changed nothing else, I'd be happy, But I think there's more to examine.

Here are some ways I would improve the current threads.

In regards to the home jerseys:

1. Remove piping

2. Consider changing color of helmets/gloves/pants

The black doesn't make sense for the home and away jerseys because there is no black on the unis, other than the helmet, gloves and pants. And there isn't any black in logos. The team's primary colors are Burgundy, blue and white. So why not stick with those colors? I'm okay with the black on the alternates only because there actually is black on this uni.

So with the home jersey, I would for sure go with blue pants. I think it'd be a great look. The question is, what to do with the helmets and gloves. I could see them going both ways on the home unis; blue or burgundy. 

In regards to the away jersey:

1. Remove piping

2. Same as the away jersey, except leave the helmets because the white is fine. As for the gloves and pants, I think there is only one way to go: Burgundy pants and gloves. 

3. The only thing black on the away jersey other than the helmet/gloves/pants is the number on the back. I would change it to burgundy, but making it blue would be interesting as well, as it would be the only blue aspect of the the away uni except for the lone blue stripe in the socks. 

In regards to the alternate jersey:

Hard to say with this one. I wouldn't change the front because I  wouldn't want to just put the crest from the home and away on the alternate, nor can I think of another emblem to put there. Plus I just like Colorado being highlighted front and center. 

Like I said earlier, the black helmet/gloves/pants combo is okay with this because there is some black in the current alternate uni, but I think changing all of them to burgundy would look fantastic. 

I just don't understand the black. We are the only team in the league with the combination of blue and burgundy, and I'm pretty sure we're the only team with burgundy at all. (The closest thing I can think of is the Wild's home uni's but those are a much deeper red)

I wish I had skills involving photoshop because it'd be awesome to see some of this visually instead of just in my head. 

I have no idea as to what the status is regarding changes the organization has in mind, or if there is any plans for change in the future at all. What are some ways this community could have some influence on that? 

Colorado's jerseys, I think, have been corrupted most by RBK's change and I think the team deserves to look legitimate. It's good to see Edmonton and Florida moving away from the weird piping, and as far as I know, we are the only team that still has it. 

Let me know what you guys think. I'd love to hear differing opinions. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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