Bruins trade speculation (yay!)

So... Kevin Dupont of the Boston Globe (@GlobeKPD) believes Peter Chiarelli is looking for scoring.  Here's a couple of his tweets today:

Buzz level increasing, B's Trades/ acquisitions. With Ryder/Recchi gone, Chiarelli likely after a vet forward (Whitney?). I liked Brunette.


Chiarelli shopping. But not a lot of groceries on shelves in October. More Bochenskis than Booths.


And here's where it gets juicy:

Lucic. RT  I think the only guys who bring something in return not guys Peter would deal. Deal Rask, Thomas, Krecji?


Absolutely. RT ": think Lucic is a trade possibility?"


Then, there is this response from AD:

 believes Milan Lucic is on the trade block. Are you listening Greg Sherman?

Avalanche and Bruins have made deals before. Greg Sherman has comfortable relationship with Peter Chiarelli. This could get good

Needless to say, my mind took off with this.  Thoughts?

We need scoring too.  Probably wouldn't trade Hejduk or Jones as it would be a wash.  Landeskog likely out as he's too green and an unknown quantity.  Stastny not a great goal scorer and his salary might not fit very well... although Bruins have about $3M in cap space according to capgeek.  But he's played well and is arguably our best player, so I removed him from consideration.  O'Reilly?  Probably not enough of a reputation to be considered as a major piece.  Who's left???  

Duchene.  Makes $3.2M  Lucic makes $4M.  Duchene has a 'Golden Boy' reputation.  But... has been awful most of this calendar year.  Awful at the Worlds too.  Lucic is a Stanley Cup Champion and arguably the top power forward in the NHL.  And he just doesn't have 30-goal potential, he's actually scored 30 goals.  He's 23.

Factor would obviously have to slot into the second line to fill the void.  O'Reilly looked good in the top-6 late last year and his stellar play has continued this season.  He's got a tremendous work ethic and workout regimen.  And he's developed good chemistry with fellow youngster Landeskog.

So here's what I replied, and then the response from Dupont:

Like it. NOW. RT " trade Duchene for Lucic? Lucic-Stastny-Jones, Landeskog-O'Reilly-Hejduk"


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