MHH New Logo Winner(s)!!!!!!!!

The overlords and ladies of the MHH corner of the intra-webs have conferred.  The winner of the logo design contest is...





......None of the above.  Or Most of The Above.  Kinda.

We decided that none of the above submissions were quite right for our new logo.  However, based on the overwhelming consensus among you, the valuable readers and members, and the hard work of members DanishDynomite and THEKINGOFHOCKEY we've decided that the mash-up and tweakage of their two logos was 1000% what we wanted when we started this search for a new logo.  Their willingness to take feedback from you whiny bitches the community and massage their collaboration was exciting to see and extremely appreciated.  For those that missed out, here's the final logo that we're prepared to roll out for the start of the new season:


We're excited by the hard-work and community-led design of the logo and thinks it speaks to the great home for Avalanche hockey fans that we've tried to foster here at Mile High Hockey.  All of us are extremely proud of the outcome and can't wait to see it adorn our front page as the NHL swings into gear at the end of this week.

We'd like to thank everybody that submitted logos for consideration and let you know that we appreciate all the hard work and time that went into them.  We're lucky to have great readers, members, and contributors to our site.

I'd also like to extend a personal thank you to Joe Clutch for his submissions and repeated attempts to make me happy with my endless tweaks and retro-fits.  He bent over backward to work up some subtle changes to one of his not-quite-legal submissions that we were were excited about and was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.  We all loved his stuff and are trying to think of some way of incorporating some of his work into the site. 

All that being said, the MHH staff has decided to divvy up the prizes between the three finalists (KagePG, DanishDynomite, and THEKINGOFHOCKEY) as a thank you for your hard work and for being great sports about all of this stuff.  Watch your inboxes for some stuff from me as we sort all of that out.

Thanks again everybody for taking part in this process.  Now we just need Andi to come up with a creative way to dispose of the Mary-Poppins-skating-down-a-mountain-of-cocaine logo...

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