The Lurker's Guide to MHH's Editors, Writers, and Commenters


Are you a Mile High Hockey lurker? Well you may now know about the forwards, defense, goalies and management. But what you really need is a guide to the people here. Who better to act as your guide, your Charon, your Virgil, than me. Yeah, me. I'll do it.

Managing Editors:

David Driscoll-Carignan: He runs the show. He lives in New England (YEAH New England is better than all you other areas). He can ban people. He doesn't really.

Joe Dunman: He shows up solely to ban people. He serves no other purpose at all.

Staff Writers:

Mike @ MHH: He has anger issues. He also has Arby's sauce issues. He's a goalie or thinks he is or pretends to be or something,  I dunno. Has a really great wife (Mrs @ MHH) and we have no idea how.

Angelique: She knows a lot about the young, inexperienced, players in the minors. She's follows them a bit too closely in my opinion. #creepy.

A.J. Hellafelafel: He's diurnal, like a ferret. Or a ninja.

Derek: He suddely came out of hiding.

UZ: You don't want to know.

Sandie: Provides your daily cupcakes for free. After that she charges.

Dustin: He's like a wizard, like his picture.

Brett: He's optimistic. It's needed around here.

Cheryl: She checks out the players, stalks the players, reports on the players, gets too close to the players, gets restraining orders filed against her by the get the idea.

Andidee: She's just a Montana girl who likes the Avs and her articles gets longer and longer and longer and TLDR.

Super Important and Supremely Vital Commenters:

Chiavs: He's on the radio like Godzilla.*

Dario: He's long winded. He's training Andi in how to be loquacious.

thedoctor: Has a fondness for trades and loves to know what, nevermind.

Jibbles: He knows a lot about things like numbers and stats and other shit. Might be an undercover Corisatti

Bob: Hates the owners

Dan DiD: He's like Mr. Richter for earthquakes except invented crankiology, not seismology.

MalachiConstant: Probably too well-read. Also, a self-proclaimed dick.

Unmitigated Disaster: Probably too sarcastic.

Hopfekofsomethingorother: I can't pronounce his name.

Randytime: Co-discoverer of Lawinengefahr.

gl_avs: She sounds hot on the radio.

i2stranger: He got eaten by some guy named Tony Tujijujiujlo.

Pinchy: Can be so pithy it hurts.

Americanario: Probably too funny.

Dixomatic: Probably makes fun of me too much.

Busted Twigg: Yeah, I got nothing.


Paul Crossland: Hates the Wild and iventor of Troll-ku.

Avalanchejef: Weirdly lacking a "f" in his name. Seriously, what the fuck dude?

mfured20: Likes to do his own reporting, then blatantly plagarize other people's analysis.

Cole D. Hamilton: Name sounds like a cowboy.

Muzia: Wanders over here thinking it's a baseball or soccer blog or something.

Andy_ (x5): There's like 5 or 6 people with a name like that. They are completely and totally identical. Like Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue

vtcapsfan99: Think Fatal Attraction with Varly as Michael Douglas.

c6hor8: Well let me tell you how much there is to be said about this guy...


*Chia wants EVERYONE to know he was the voice behind some famous Red Wings video. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW AND PLEASE CREDIT HIM IMMEDIATELY.


DISCLAIMER: This was done on a train, on an iPad. I am not checking for spelling. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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