You Sure About That: Weekly Fights Recap, Nov. 3-11

First off, Today is remembrance day, so thank you to all the real time fighters out there who serve both in the American and Canadian Military. We, as citizens of two great nations, cant thank you guys and gals enough. If it wasn't for you guys, the world would be full of Patrick Keletas and Todd Bertuzzis. Once again, thanks to all the military members out there that fight for peace and freedom.

This week was.... decent. My graphs show a steady rise in fights. I dont have graphs (I didnt pay attention in Stats class) but I do watch hockey, and there were three fights this week that we will look at. They may not be the greatest ones in our memory banks, but I will seek to supplment the passion with some a real good oldie.

Tim Jackman Vs. Cody McLeod

November 6th, 2011

Calgary @ Colorado

This first fight is between Tim Jackman and the Highlander. Jackman goes the Highlander trying to spark his team after an early goal. I get the reasoning behind it, and I respect Jackman in doing so, but this fight wouldn't motivate a fat kid to eat a delicious red velvet cake with white chocolate icing and maybe some raspberries (or blueberries...Go Avalanche) on the edge? A bit of a tilt but again, not much happens. A couple of tosses are thrown, but this one ends as a wrestling match. Overall I give this a 2 for effort?

Tim Jackman vs Cody McLeod Nov 6, 2011 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)




Matt Martin VS. Ryan Wilson

November 10th, 2011

New York Islanders @ Colorado

Ryan Wilson tries to teach Tavares a few things in the corner, and Martin doesn’t enjoy the sentiment. Punchs are thrown but again, another hug match. Point is though, Martin is sticking up for his teammate, and Wilson is trying to send Tavares a message. Good exchange overall. I give this fight a 3, because overall it sucks, regardless of the logic behind it. Wilson making Tavares his you know what, that's an 8.


Matt Martin vs Ryan Wilson Nov 10, 2011 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)





Steve Staios Vs. David Jones

November 10th, 2011

New York Islanders @ Colorado

David Jones, an unlikely candidate for a fight goes Old Man Staios. Staios is crosschecking away before this one, and runs Galiardi into the net. Jones stands up for TJ in this one and engages with the senior. This fight quickly turns on Jones, but he is able to keep Staios at arms length. A bit of a beauty compared to the other fights this season. Good work by Jones to step in for a teammate. I give this a 5 for effort, for rarity, and because I like David Jones, Staios... not so much.


Steve Staios vs David Jones Nov 10, 2011 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)






Heres that Oldie fight I promised you guys:

Brendan Shanahan Vs. Adam Deadmarsh

April 1, 1998

Deadthings @ Colorado

Adam Deadmarsh shows Shanahan what he thinks of the leagues suspensions by travelling back in time and playing a game without hinting at all to Shanahan what his role would be in the future.


Brendan Shanahan Vs Adam Deadmarsh 04/01/98 (via WingsFights)





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