Legends Being Made - Forward Edition

My first FanPost!  As I watched the incredible come-from-behind performance by our beloved Avs last night, I couldn't help but to think back on other great Av performances.  Which also made me think of past Av greats.  Forsberg.  Sakic.  Roy.  As I watch our current team, I can't help but think that we have several guys right now who will either match or overtake past legends.  So I decided to do a comparison and chart their courses.  Let's start today with our forwards.  More after the jump (my first jump!):

Stastny - Has the vision and passing capability of Forsberg, but probably has more goal scoring potential.  I can see him eventually becoming better than Forsberg, if he isn't already there.

Duchene - Has the quickness and speed of Sakic.  Seems to be trying to play more like Forsberg, but when he adjusts his game, he will completely replace, and surpass Super Joe.  And as much as I love Super Joe, I don't think it will even be close.

Jones - Has a knack for big goals (even though he actually didn't score last night's), similar to Sakic.  But also is more of a power forward, in the mold of Claude Lemieux.  Also is finally showing some sandpaper and grit, like Claude, so I can see him replacing him in his role.

Lindstrom - Has all of the skill, the hands, and the offensive tenacity to eventually replace a living legend still on the Av roster, Milan Hejduk.  I can see him racking up over 40 goals in several straight seasons once his adjustment to the NHL is complete.

O'Reilly - I'm having a hard time thinking of anyone on past teams to compare him to.  He is that good.  Mark my words, he will one day be remembered as the best two-way center in the history of the franchise.  What he is doing out there on the ice already is astounding, given his age and experience. 

Landeskog - 18?  18?  What can I say?  He will be, when it is all said and done, the best power forward to ever proudly wear the A.  His level of play is already unreal.  I can see several Hart trophys, Conn Smythes, and plenty of other hardware in his future.   He will be, in a sense, Sakic and Forsberg combined, but in a power forward on the wing. 

Galiardi - I'm really not sure why the last few years have been so bumpy for this guy.  What I saw last night was someone willing to take the body, with plenty of speed and skill, and who also has enough talent to contribute offensively.   I see him replacing Adam Deadmarsh.

Kobasew - Did everyone see him generate that incredible chance on the short handed breakaway last night?  Or what about his wraparound goal a little while back?  On any other team, he'd be logging first line minutes and racking up goals.  I see him as Kamensky, but with a little bit more grit and toughness.  But the skill is certainly there.

I could go on, because I'm sure the other forwards would also be flourishing on a less talented roster, but this is probably enough.  I really don't understand all of the negativity surrounding this group lately, and would welcome opinions on this! is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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