Bringing the party back to the Mile High City (Both on the ice and off it).

The stage is set in Denver. Act I of the 2011-2012 season has come to an end and the fans prepare themselves for the rest, for better or for worst. It can turn out that the 19 games of the season were no hoax, and we will finish with a sub-.500 record and another season endured without a playoff birth. On the other hand, this could be a good time for our beloved Avalanche to turn the season around. The season has been full of unlucky bounces, bad calls, and just plain bad luck. 


This is what happens when you're in shape, have fame, have youth and have money.

Jeff Carter is the blonde guy in the back.

But rumor has it the Jeff Carter is asking for a trade out of the Blue Jackets organization. The rumored demand for a trade does beg the question, who would want to live in Columbus, Ohio? His agent denies it but so did Dany Heatley's agent. To be honest, I have never really trusted lawyers.

The young centerman is fresh off a trade from Philly that caught him with his pants down. He was traded supposedly in order to free cap space for free agent, hot shot goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov. Other insiders spoke tales of locker room turmoil and living it up with Mike Richards in downtown Philly. Regardless, the trade from the Flyers was devastating to Carter.

Despite they tattered reputation that comes with a young Jeff Carter, I think the mediocre Avalanche should get in on the trade talks (barring there is validity). It was Bob McKenzie who reported the rumors, after all. The cost for the Avs would be dependent on whether the Columbus is looking to rebuild or get a quick fix to their current roster. With the way they originally pursued Carter, one would assume that they are ready to start winning. 

Paul Stastny comes to mind, but how could he not. Tyson Barrie is a trade candidate as well. 

The Edmonton Journal hinted that the Jackets want a goalie. Steve Mason doesn't seem to be cutting it for their organization. The Avalanche actually have some depth at that position for once with a slumping Semyon Varlamov and solid veteran J.S. Giguere. We also have a very impressive Cedrick Desjardins backstopping our very own Ohio team. 

Most likely scenario... nothing between the two teams ever actually occurs. However, if Carter really wants to get out of Columbus, there is a lot to build on between the two clubs. Aaron Musick, the Avalanche blogger agrees we should make a move suggesting that Stastny+D-prospect Troy Rutkowski for Jeff Carter would benefit both teams. Rick Nash could play with Paul Stastny since him and Carter never really developed any chemistry and Duchene would find a home on the left wing of Carter at the Mile High City. Another scenario would include either Varlamov or Giguere in order to subside the Jackets woes in net.

Also, the Avs also don't have a first round pick... just saying. Also, I wanted to title this post "The worst thing that could happen to Shane O'Brien's struggles with alcoholism." But being the length, and the fact that Shane O'Brien in all likelihood, is not an alcoholic, I decided to refrain.  

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