Don't Be Fooled; Our Stastny is Great

We all know in the national media the Avalanche players are viewed as sub par players.  A perfect example was Liles.  Last year he was just a mediocre PP specialist and this year he becomes one of the games best PP quarterback.  Every once in a while I will torture my self and go to the HF boards.  These people have no idea about the Avs.  Of course there are a few that goes the other direction too, but that is not the concern.  I am tired of the eastern bias toward players.  I have a better understanding of those teams because Versus covers only the Penguins, NHL covers the Original 8.  So I have a good understanding of what is going on out there.  I hate hearing from people that Stastny is the main trade bait and that his worth is not as much as what I think it should be.  After the Jump I will break down Goals per game (G/GP) and Points per game (P/GP) of other elite players who I have heard Stastny is not in the same class with.  When we are talking about the elite, the important numbers are goals and points.

All numbers are from regular season

Stastny- 368GP, 111G, 334P-  .302G/GP, .908P/GP

Carter- 469GP, 181G, 346P-  .393G/GP, .738P/GP. Returned- A 3rd round pick and Voracek (but pretty much was a salary dump for Ilya Bryzgalov).  Skinny-Although Stastny goal scoring number are down his point production is greatly better.

M. Richards- 473GP, 141G, 365P- .298G/GP, . 772P/GP. Returned- Wayne Simmons, Brayden Schenn (fockey Future #3 prospect) , and a 2012 2nd rd pick.  Skinny- Stastny has more goals per game and points per game and should bring back more than Richards.

Kessel- 393GP, 141G, 270P-  .359G/GP, .687P/GP.  Returned- Two 1st round picks and a 2nd.  Lottery.  Skinny-Again Stastny is not the same in goals, but he is head and shoulders better in points.  Should bring more back IMO.

Setoguchi- 286GP, 90G, 169P-  .314G/GP, .591P/GP.  Returned Brent Burns (IMO one of the best defenders in the game) and a second.  Also, heading to the Wild are Charlie Coyle (25th overall prospect on Hockey Future) and a 1st.  Skinny- WTF MILD, I hope Sherman didn't know about the availability before he traded Stewie and Shats.  Anyways if this is the bench mark then Stastny would bring back a top level defender and a top prospect.

Parise- 437GP, 169G, 351P-  ..387G/GP, .803P/GP.  Skinny- Large difference in goals, but large difference in points advantage Statsny.  FYI- Parise in Olympics with SOS- 6GP, 4G, 8P-  .667 G/GP, 1.33P/GP, make it happen Sherman (More FYI that is higher then Sakic and Forsberg).  This small sample size might be offensive to some members.

Nash- 610GP, 263G, 500P-  .431G/GP, .820P/GP. Skinny- Ok, this can be a stretch, who knows what Nash's numbers would be if he actually had a decent team.  However, I can't help to point out that Stastny is seeing more goals come in due to his efforts than Nash.

Semin- 409GP, 180G, 363P-  .440G/GP, .888P/GP. Skinny- Probably the same for Nash, with a bit more emphasis.

Toews- 322GP, 125G, 286P-  .388G/GP, .888P/GP.  Skinny-  Yes, I went there.  I personally would take this trade if ever offer in a blink of an eye, but Stastny numbers are equal to Toews.

E. Staal- 580GP, 230G, 512P-  .397G/GP, .883P/GP.  Skinny-  Stastny has put up more points per game then the best Staal.


I am not advocating that Stastny is greater then anyone of these players with the exception of Setoguchi, and not even that.  All I am saying is, start giving some respect to Stastny and what he does, he actually puts up greater numbers then most of the other "super stars" in the NHL/Versus markets.  Just because the most of the east go to bed early doesn't mean Stastny is not one of the games more elite players, and if you want him you are going to have to pay big for him.  So, in other words, NO TRADES WITH THE LEAFS. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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