Daily Cupcakes - November 24th, 2011

The Florida Panthers have taken a page out of Tampa's book and play strip shootout during their practices. (There is a pic/video that may not be safe for work)

The Florida Panthers have found a way to take the shootout to another exciting level.

On Tuesday, the surprisingly hot Panthers played strip shootout at the end of practice.

The premise — if a shooter fails to score, he must remove a piece of equipment.

There are a couple bright spots for the Avs. Shane O’Brien and Landeskog.

"I always thought I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my decision to move to Kitchener," he said. "I wanted to develop and play a more complete game. Just moving away form home and growing my body and mind and learning the culture was really good for my development."

So was learning to hit at a young age back in Sweden. It hurt initially because an overzealous Landeskog had a penchant for taking too many penalties. But it has made him a much better players and having a game referred to as North American is a badge of honour.

"I take it as a compliment," he said. "Canda and the U.S. are tops in the world junior and have so many good players to model my game after," he added. "Jarome Iginla and leadership and the passion he brings has been inspiring for me. "

For the goalie masks fan, here's a spread about Gunnarsson, he's done many masks and some pics of those masks.

The first mask Gunnarsson made for Semyon Varlamov was in 2009. It depicts Mount Rushmore on one side reflecting Varlamov’s new home country. Gunnarsson painted it freehand. (Varlamov is now with the Colorado Avalanche.)

Another story, about another town, wanting an NHL team.

A group considering building a 19,500-seat arena in Markham has met with the NHL about putting a team there, but has received no promises from the league.

No one was denying interest from Markham in a rink project big enough to house an NHL team, however one regional councillor, Jim Jones, insisted no formal rink application is before the city.

Jones added the rink was not discussed Tuesday night when council met in camera. TSN, citing sources, said the rink was on the agenda regarding the development of Downtown Markham, where a rink would be located.

And in case you missed it, a 51 year old man was signed to play for the Wild.

Paul Deutsch's pals in his recreational hockey league needed to find a replacement goalie Wednesday night. The 51-year-old embroidery shop owner was going to be suiting up for another team: The NHL's Minnesota Wild.

The Wild signed Deutsch to an amateur tryout contract to serve as an emergency backup to starter Josh Harding for Wednesday's game against the Nashville Predators.

"Actually giving up my Wednesday night game," Deutsch said. "We play at Bloomington Ice Gardens at 9:45 p.m. till they turn the lights off. Tonight's the night. I can't make it."

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