My observations at a Monsters Game

While ya'll were watching the Avs play, I was at the Bears and Monsters game, where I was hoping to watch Stefan Elliott (heh) but here is what I noticed.  More after the jump...

1. Gaunce - He is really a nasty player.  He hits ALOT and if there is a scrum, you can bet your life that he is in the middle of it, and if he isn't he is definitely making his way over.  He has a decent shot, but nothing fantastic.  What impressed me with his shot is that he can find the net pretty well (see antonym for Matt Hunwick).  I maybe saw him out of position once, MAYBE.  The one thing that worries me is that he was so nasty that it was almost borderline dirty.  He took atleast one stupid roughing penalty, and I can see those hurting the team.  Oh and btw, from how he looked last night, he is NHL ready in basically all aspects of his game. 
2. Bordello - He is huge, just beyond big.  As we expect, nothing special on offense but he must have laid at least 3 big hits, clean ones too.  He rushed the point and landed a Bears player right on his ass.  Love him, he is a real guy that can bring energy.
3. Malone - Didn't notice him all that much until he scored the GWG with 20 seconds left in the game.  He just drove the net in a scrambling play that could have been whistled and put it in the twine.  He is as advertised, a good grinder. 
4.  Cedrick was scratched (although looked real good in warm ups) so Cann - He is just bad... period.  VERY weak blocker side, not very positionally sound and isn't very confident out there. 
5.  Luke Walker - this guy is fast, real fast.  He plays a lot like Hishon in the way that he isn't big, but he throws his weight around.  If there were one word to describe Walker, it would be a pest.  He scored a good goal, picked up a juicy rebound and outwaited the goalie, then roofed it. 

6.  Mauldin - He seems to have lost a step but still has good speed.  He is a pretty decent PKer.

7.  Stoa - lol, he had a couple assists, but he really just didn't play all too well.  He was fairly physical though, which is weird...  then again the whole team is REAL physical (maybe it's Quinn).

8. Barrie - Barrie really impressed me.  He had two assists on the night.  He didn't tie up his man in front of the net for a redirection goal and his defensive play all game was probably average.  He definitely shines in the offensive zone.  His decision making was perfect, EVERY time he pinched, it was the right time to pinch, and he kept the puck.  EVERY pass of his was crisp and tape to tape.  He has a pretty good shot on top of that.  One of his assists came off a shot wide which to me seemed like he aimed there as opposed to HS (Hunwick Syndrome).  Overall, good game by him. 

This game got REAL chippy towards the end, and it was a great game.  Final Score, Monsters - 5 and Bears - 4

Total PIM - 76

If I missed anyone, then they either didn't play, or I didn't notice them all that much.  Feel free to ask about any players that I have missed though.  Hopefully this gives you some insight as to what we have in the minors (albeit just one game and a small sample size). is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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