6'+ Goalies

Every game the Avs have played at home the opposing goalie was of the bigger variety. Conklin is 6'1, Crawford is 6'2, Dubnyk 6'5 and Smith 6'4. This has been a problem and it has been frustrating watching shots barely missing. I reviewed the games and have noticed how the Avalanche have scored. A very common occurrence happened.  Here is the break down.

Against Detroit- Conklin 6'1- 26 shots- 0 goals

Against Chicago- Crawford 6'2- 32 shots-1 goal- A shot from the point that was going wide far side.  ROB got the deflection into open net.

Against Edmonton- Dubnyk 6'5- 41 shots- 1 goal- A pass through the crease to Radar, he buried shot into an open net.

Against Coyotes- Smith 6'4- 40 shots- 1 goal- A rebound that was gathered up by Radar, he moves puck through the crease and scores on slow moving Smith

Against Kings- Quick 6'1- 16 shots- 3 goals- A wrap around goal by Kobasew into an open net.  A bad bounce that Quick gets caught behind the net, Hejduk takes advantage.  A snipe shot by Duchene.

5 out of 6 goals were created when we made the goalie move.  This is especially important when we are playing big goalies.  When we make the other team play a game they dont want to play then we will have a higher success.  Lets take a look at the the second Blackhawks game

1st goal- Stastny gets rebound and moves puck across the crease.

2nd goal- Jones moves puck behind the goal and throws puck out front.  Get deflected in.  Crawford was out of position and had a lot of open net

3rd goal- Landy breaks in from point into crease and receives a pass from Radar.  Crawford moves and Landy had three large whole to put the puck in.

4th goal- was a break away chance for Landy.  Crawford starts scrambling to get back in net and Landy snipes a goal

1st Shootout- Hejduk Snipes a shot and gets blocked

2nd Shootout- Duchene moves the puck and beats Crawford, but fails to lift the puck.  Shot gets blocked.

3rd Shootout Attempt- Lindy moves puck through the crease and waits for Crawford to leave the crease.  Scores.

5 of the 6 pucks that gets past Crawford are when Crawford is moving.  If we can start moving the Goalie then he will start to sit a bit further back in the goal.  That is when the sniping will start to work.  I am all about getting the shots on goal.  However, I would like to see a variety of shots and allow the goalie to move in order to make a save.  It will be interesting to see how the Avs takes on 6'4 Lehtonen. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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