You Sure About That: Weekly Fight Recap (and other ramblings)

So here it is. Another week goes by, the Avalanche are being mediocre, but now is as good as time as any to do it resting on a string of wins. Lets get it going through boys, because lets be honest, we would rather you did not have these breaks.

But to keep with my general topic here, another week goes by with not much to talk about. Andy Sutton makes a dirty move on a minor, gets hugged for it by Shane O'Brien, and eventually shannabanned for 5 games (until november 11th, Remembrance day) against the deadthings. Im sure everyone has seen the fight thanks to a special editor out there, but I am going to re-post it because, well, thats what I do, and thats what I like to do.

 Here is the fight here in case you missed it: 

Andy Sutton vs Shane O'Brien Oct 28, 2011 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)

This gets a 2 only for effort. From the standpoint as far as great fights goes this is far from one, but the reasoning behind it is great.

Obviously not much to say here, so I am once again going to improvise this week. I am hearing, on the radio, by word of mouth, in TV and in many different written sources opinions on hockey fighting that are sometimes misinformed. A lot of people hate to hear this, but I think hockey fighting is a part of the game that is hard to understand if you have never been in the situation. I am not saying that I am a pro or anything like that. But I have played competitive hockey, and did fulfill the thankless role of protecting my teammates. But this site is packed with people who do have an inside look, because to be honest, you guys are some of the best around when it comes to our beautiful obession, for lack of a better word, of hockey, and talking about hockey (obessed is a word the lazy use to refer to the dedicated). Because of that I would love to hear what everyone thinks in the comments.

Lets have a brainstorm here. Someone, in the topic bar, present an argument for either side, and we will discuss that in the following comments. This way multiple comments can be made on the aspect most of us love, while still maintaining positive feedback and discussion in the pursuit of knowledge. The flow will go from there.

Some of the topics that may be discussed:

  • The need for fighting: Past VS. Present
  • Staged fights.
  • The role of the goon.
  • Protection of players.
  • Momentum.
  • Fan Attendance.
  • Essence of the game.
  • Because I like it and I said so argument

Also, Thanks to all the Men and Women serving in the Military out there as we approach Remembrance day, and all days for that matter. You guys are awesome, and we all cannot thank you enough.


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