How Does Our Johnson Compare to Other Johnsons?

Following on from MHH's stellar Johnson coverage and ongoing questions concerning how good he is going to be, I decided to take a different approach to evaluating Erik Johnson. Namely, by literally comparing Johnsons with Johnsons so to speak.

Thanks to hockeydb, we can see that there have been 479 recorded Johnsons that have some form of league hockey. Of these, only 25 have have penetrated the NHL:

Player Pos. YOB Birthplace Years Highest Level
Aaron Johnson D 1983 Port Hawkesbury, NS 1999-2011 Major League
Al Johnson R 1935 Winnipeg, MAN 1954-1969 Major League
Bob Johnson G 1948 Farminton, MI 1967-1977 Major League
Brent Johnson G 1977 Farmington, MI 1994-2011 Major League
Brian Johnson R 1960 Montreal, PQ 1977-1986 Major League
Chad Johnson G 1986 Calgary, ALTA 2003-2011 Major League
Craig Johnson L 1972 St. Paul, MN 1990-2008 Major League
Dan Johnson C 1944 Winnipegosis, MAN 1963-1978 Major League
Earl "Ching" Johnson C 1931 Fort Frances, ONT 1949-1962 Major League
Erik Johnson D 1988 Bloomington, MN 2004-2011 Major League
Ernie "Moose" Johnson 1911-1929 Major League
Greg Johnson C 1971 Thunder Bay, ONT 1988-2006 Major League
Ivan "Ching" Johnson D 1898 Winnipeg, MAN 1925-1954 Major League
Jack Johnson D 1987 Indianapolis, IN 2003-2011 Major League
Jim Johnson D 1962 New Hope, MN 1981-1998 Major League
Jim Johnson C 1942 Winnipeg, MAN 1962-1975 Major League
Mark Johnson F 1957 Minneapolis, MN 1975-1992 Major League
Matt Johnson L 1975 Welland, ONT 1992-2004 Major League
Mike Johnson R 1974 Scarborough, ONT 1992-2009 Major League
Nick Johnson R 1985 Calgary, ALTA 2002-2011 Major League
Norm Johnson C 1932 Moose Jaw, SASK 1950-1971 Major League
Ryan Johnson C 1976 Thunder Bay, ONT 1993-2011 Major League
Terry Johnson D 1958 Calgary, ALTA 1975-1988 Major League
Tom Johnson D 1928 Baldur, MAN 1946-1965 Major League
Virgil Johnson D 1912 Minneapolis, MN 1931-1952 Major League

If we eliminate the forwards that have lower PPG averages than Erik Johnson (0.45) and players with less games than Erik Johnson (238) - we are left with 8 Johnsons: Mssrs Erik, Brent, Ivan "Ching", Jack, Jim, Mark, Terry and Tom Johnson.

Out of these 8 Johnson's, Mark Johnson is the currently the Best Johnson (with Olympic Gold with the US Miracle on Ice Team, and a decent (0.8 PPG average)).

After this, it is largely up for grabs - with Brent, Jack and Erik probably battling for 2nd best Johnson. Arguably, Erik Johnson has the early edge on Jack Johnson with a higher PPG average (0.45 v 0.36) and Brent Johnson (who only was the clear starting goalie with the 2000-01 Blues, other than this he has been tandeming with another goalie or backing-up). 

But, if we were to look at Mark Johnson's 23-year-old season, Erik Johnson is clearly miles in front of Mark - as Mark only had 42 points in 90 games (or 0.47 PPG).

Based on this we can say that Erik Johnson's achievements are better than 99% of other Johnson's and that only time and experience is standing in the way of Erik Johnson being the best Johnson ever. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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