Joe Sacco should stay... really.

The Avalanche have embarked on what has, so far, looked to be another disappointing season. The special teams are inconsistent and our forwards are frequently overpowered with exception to the Landeskog-O'Reilly-Hejduk/Winnik line. In the past, the team lacks experience and have banked on a fast-paced, passionate game. The team today seems to lack both experience and passion in their on-ice play which is an easy recipe for failure. Not much fun to watch on TV that is also produced like crap. (Altitude needs to step up their game)

But when it comes placing blame, there has been little controversy. The hipsters blame Stan Kroenke; the liberals blame Pierre Lacroix; I blame it on seldom discussed consequences of capitalism. But none of that matters. The majority of the dedicated Avalanche fans out there blame this man:


C'mon! Look at that smile.

Joe Sacco has been criticized for mishandling goal situations, line combinations, team captaincy, Matt Duchene's bad play, John-Micheal Liles bad play and the poor performances on special teams and really just in general. Regardless, I say we keep him here all season long. Don't replace him. Seriously.

It is true that the man has had a hell of a time working through injuries, pretty much always being short 1 or 2 (or 3) top six wingers. One could also look to the constant shift in the team dynamic since the beginning of last season. Sacco is also very new to the NHL. He was just kind of thrown into the water so we can all watch as he teaches himself to swim.

Have the players really tuned him out? I think this is kind of a strange thing for a fan to speculate on. Nobody is in the locker room, but you certainly don't see anybody singing his praises now like they had before. Maybe the players don't need to like him to play well for him. A little tough love can be a good thing, can it not? Sacco has always been one to try and give confidence to players when they demonstrate effort. Regardless of whether the players like him or not, the team's aristocracy is what must truly stay intact. The ability to govern his team to their fullest potential as a team. What does the team really have to lose, a playoff birth? I'm not sure replacing Joe Sacco would necessarily have that dramatic of an effect.

Another thing suggesting that a coaching change may not truly be the answer is the fact that were pretty trendy for a short while there. Turned the St. Louis Blues around, but not Anaheim, Washington or the Canes. The Senators also got a new coach at the beginning of the season and their not exactly turning heads. Being trendy should not hold precedence over being prudent. We need to look at the fact that just maybe, Sacco is acting as a scapegoat just a little.

This team doesn't need a new coach, just a little more forward depth and defined roles on the team. It is these things that will bring the team success, but we're still observing how some of the players on the team are developing. That is on the Front Office, but it seems as if they still have a plan. Maybe they are just waiting on one or two more pieces. Give Sacco what he needs, give Duchene what he needs and you will the fans what they need. A fast, successful team to watch win some hockey games.

If he can't deliver that by the end of the season, than his contract is up anyways.


-I must admit I did watch Dater's videos of the most recent bag skate courtesy of Sacco. I'm not a perfect human and that may have played a role in this post. Looks far worse than the last one.

-That is correct. I want Sacco to stay and I read Dater's blog. As a journalist, I don't really have an opinion of him. I can respect his cynical attitude and dry sarcasm on the All About the Avs blog. Here's the link to his blog and video:

-I'm predicting a move is made by the Avalanche sooner rather than later. I'm even going to predict the team the Avs will be trading with. The Habs. If I get it right, I'm taking bragging rights.

-Here is a poll. I really don't like adding them. I think people just think they are a fun way to compare what you think to the rest of MHH. Just remember to not marginalize your opinion into the 3-6 options offered. Develop your own ideas. It's good for the brain and also for humanity as a whole. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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