Gabriel Landeskog interview - the end.

Gabriel Landeskog donates $2,500 dollars and $2,500 of equipment to a local hockey charity on December 18th, 2011. (S. Gauthier, C. Bradley)

This is the last part of the Gabriel Landeskog interview. There were a few giggles during this part.

MHH: You're being used in every situation: the pk, power play, even strength. How do you feel about that?

Gabriel: I'm pretty fortunate to get that opportunity. Every time you get an opportunity you want to be able to show the coach and the coaching staff that you should be out there. You want to give your all. You try and contribute to the team, like I said before. Not every rookie in the league gets that opportunity so I'm pretty fortunate to get that, but at the same time you gotta earn that as well. I think, probably hard work is the best key to get that opportunity.

Rapid fire

MHH: Who's the one guy you want to give you the puck if the game is tied and it's the dying seconds?

Gabriel: Ryan O`Reilly

MHH: Who's the first to laugh in the lockerroom? To get everyone loose and going?

Gabriel: First to laugh? Probably Hejduk.

MHH: Whose the biggest joker?

Gabriel: Galiardi or O`Brien.

MHH: Who has the best taste in music?

Gabriel: *deep breath out* I don't want to throw our DJ under the bus here, but I'd probably pick Shane O`Brien. He likes the kind of music I do.

MHH: What about the worst?

Gabriel: I know Kyle Quincey likes rock, I'm not... the most rocking guy. So, but we're all different.

MHH: Who's the least electronically inclined?

Gabriel: Probably one of the older guys. Maybe Hejduk. You see all these iPhones and Blackberrys around the room. But he's got some rock that he's got in his pocket.

MHH: Besides the Pepsi Center what's been your favorite arena to play in?

Gabriel: Montreal, maybe? Montreal or San Jose. Montreal... yeah, it's got to be Montreal. It was loud. It was crazy. Everyone was wearing red. You almost wanted to plug your ears when they scored because it was so loud. But it was fun.

MHH: You're coming up agaisnt the Flyers on Monday. HBO is going to be there. You a little nervous about that?

Gabriel: *Laughs* Not too nervous, I mean, they're probably going to be all over just the Flyers. They're not going to film us too much. It'll be fun. Hopefully we'll get the win, and we;ll see ourselves on HBO laughing.

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