Time to Rebuild (blow it up)

No, not the roster.  Does the roster need work?  Sure, but it's a rebuild in progress--one that's going pretty well.  Inject a little size into that defense, and we'll be okay.

No, the rebuild I'm talking about is the image of the team.  From poor attendance to mediocre marketing the Avalanche brand has become as stale three day old cheese from a party platter.  

But this thread isn't about just tearing down.  It's about ideas.  We need to improve this situation.  But what can be done?

Logo:  Let's start here.  I love the logo--I'd like to keep it the same.  But it doesn't mean it couldn't use some subtle tweaks.  Maybe even a slight palette swap.  Check out the long history of changes to the Bruins logo to see how subtle change works over time.

Uniforms:  I don't think you'll find anybody on these boards who would counter the notion that the current uniforms are awful.  Just awful.  Complete overhaul needed here.  Something simple?  Classic stripes?  Or just bring back the jerseys from the glory days?  

In game entertainment:  Oh god, it's bad.  From the goal horn/song to the arena music that for some reason thinks it needs to play whatever is popular on the latest edition of EA's NHL needs a total change.  The Pepsi Center is cookie cutter crap and lacks any kind of identity.  Remember the "Avalanche wave"?  What happened to that?  That was awesome.

Bernie:  Put him to sleep and never speak his name again.

Marketing:  Other than a push to sell ticket packages, the point of marketing is to make people not just aware of a product, but that they WANT that product.  They need it.  Make this team cool again.  Tell the fans why Chris Stewart is CGDS.  Why should we care about Duchene?  Who is "The Factor"?  Sell me on this product!  Contact Apple and find out which agency runs their advertising.  They are excellent at their job.  

Press:  Generate interest not just amongst fans, but encourage the press to cover our team.  Issue press passes to bloggers.  Agree with it or not, blogs are the future of press.

Personality:  Twitter is great, but encourage the players to open up.  Duchene letting a vodka line slip may be a bit embarrassing, but it absolutely endears him to the fans.  Let's ditch the current scripts and throw some twists in there.  Make the off ice product as entertaining as the on ice product.  

These are just a few things management/ownership can do to make this team fresh again.  You want to sell tickets?  Image is just as, if not more important than the on ice product.  I have no doubt the team will develop into a championship caliber.  But let's have the best image, too.  The franchise's image will determine national exposure, and will pay off two fold as players not only are proud to play for the franchise, but others want to come here (and may even take a hefty discount to do so).  Just ask Detroit. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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