Why does Bertuzzi get away with murder?

Why does Bertuzzi get away with murder?

It seems as if there is some kind of shadow NHL government behind the scenes doesn’t it? Campbelluminati, perhaps? Certain players get punished for dirty hits; others are not. Many have argued that Todd Bertuzzi has been "quiet" in his style of play since the Steve Moore incident, and we are made to believe that he is a changed man since that dark night in Vancouver seven years ago. However, last night Mr. Douchebag (a word play on Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe) aka Todd Bertuzzi of the Detroit Red Wings partially left his skates to throw a solid elbow into the head of Ryan Johnson of the Chicago Blackhawks. Mr. Douchebag was ejected from the game, because the referees clearly knew that what they witnessed was bad sportsmanship and wrong… Yet today, like a Christmas miracle, Mr. Douchebag was not suspended… Not even ONE game! So I began to ask myself and Mr. Colin Campbell…How?! Why?! REALLY?!

So, I did some research and to my surprise Big Douche aka Big Bert has people in high places… Wait for it…Wait for it…Wait for it… Mr. Douchebag has a great uncle lawyer by the name of Larry Bertuzzi of Toronto who does arbitration work for the…wait for it….wait for it… wait for it… NHL! When I found this out I wasn’t surprised at all, but to assume that just because Todd Bertuzzi has a great uncle lawyer handling arbitration for the NHL is justification enough to believe that that is the reason why he never gets punished is preposterous.

However, the ridiculous way the NHL handles everything including its owners, staff, and personal, is evidence enough:

Think about it… Wayne Gretzky offered Bertuzzi a spot on the 2006 Canadian national team's camp the day his suspension for nearly killing Steve Moore was up… That is like all the neighborhood kids waiting for the really cool kid who has all the toys to get off being grounded so that they can go play again. No one in the NHL cared about Steve Moore, not even the Avalanche. I wouldn’t have been surprised that had the Steve Moore incident never happened the Avs would have pushed hard to add Bertuzzi to the roster due to his close friendship with Joe Sakic. They (NHL) almost acted as if Moore threw a wrench in their plan (How dare you Steve Moore, disrupt the Grand Plan of Todd Bertuzzi becoming the next star power forward in the NHL and leading Canada to gold in the Olympics by allowing your neck to be broken by him from a cowardly cheap shot from behind, then in Carl Racki style, allow your head to be driven into the ice face first!). The fact that Canada wanted a man like him to represent their country shows the disgraceful amount of compromise the hockey community allows in order to win (BTW Sweden won the gold in 2006 haha!).

I don’t want to rant too much, but I had to get this off my chest. I feel like every time things like this happen it is another blow to Steve Moore and to hockey. Beyond hockey, I care about Steve Moore, and I feel sorry for him.

This game will be better when guys like Bertuzzi, and Cooke are long gone… Surprise! Both of those douchebags were on that Vancouver Canucks team. P.S. I am happy that Steve Moore kicked Matt Cooke's ass!

I opened this up for discussion so that you may all vent if needed.

And I challenge all of you low class, cowardly Detroit Red Wings fans that have been making fun of Steve Moore and all of the other victims of the Big Douche on the ESPN and TSN NHL blogs to state your case on why you think Mr. Douchebag is such a classy player! I dare you!

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