Prospect Watch - Joey Hishon - Playoff Edition, Round 2

fter 2 1-goal wins by the Attack, Owen Sound won tonight 4-1.  The Sound came out strong and dominated the first period, going into the first intermission 1-0.  The Whalers showed up for the second period, but were still outplayed, and the Attack entered the second intermission 4-0.  Teams were far more even in the third, with Plymouth getting their only goal in a 4-1 Owen Sound victory.

Hishon's output for the playoffs has dropped from his season numbers (37 goals and 50 point in 50 games) to 1 goal and 6 assists.  Joey was kept off the scoreboard tonight (he was on the ice for 1 of the Attack powerplay goals, but wasn't really involved in the play).

The Whalers fan behind me was impressed by Hishon, in particular his speed, with comments like:

Shit, he's fast

Wow, look at that kid.   Look at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(note: quotes may not have been exactly as recalled)

Below are my thoughts in no specific order:

  • Hishon was probably close to even on faceoffs.  I didn't keep track, and while there was a bit early in the game where it seemed like he was having a rough stretch in the circle, but I he had a few consecutive wins, and was probably about even on faceoffs.
  • Hishon spent a decent amount of time on both the powerplay and penalty kill.   Although I don't believe I mentioned it in my recap, I don't believe Hishon was used on the penalty kill in the London game I attended.  Joey was effective on the penalty kill, clearing the puck, etc. to keep the Whalers off the board.  Hishon had some decent attempts on the powerplay, but, as mentioned above, he wasn't really involved in the powerplay goal he was on the ice for.  Hishon spends time both in front of the net and and the point on the powerplay.
  • He seems to have a good shot.  There were a couple strong shots on net, the only concern is that he had a few missed shots (including a rather wide miss)
  • Hishon had a pass to no-one in front of the Plymouth net.   In his defence, there really should have been someone there, but the lack of an Attack player in the vicinity resulted in a Whalers chance down the other way.
  • Hishon got angry on a missed opportunity that came while up 1-0.  Nice to see.
  • Joey didn't seem as physical as previous games I've seen.  He gave (and received) a couple good hits, and got chirpy with a Whalers player, but the physical aspect of his game seemed to diminish after the first period. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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