An open letter to KSE

Dear Kroenke Family,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your Rams purchase.  With the dulcet tones of Terry Frei ringing gently in my ears, can I respectfully put forward a few points for your consideration?


The Colorado Avalanche (or Avs as they are affectionately known) are a hockey team based in Denver. They play at the same building as your McNuggets. Yes really. 41 times per year. That's the ones, well done.

See here's the thing: any pro-sports team is like cultivating a rose. You need to protect the young buds, trim the old and withered stems and give it precious love and attention in order for it to grow. Recently, with the Avs, you've only gotten as far as dumping shit all over it.

The Colorado Avalanche had a great amount of success a while back. Unfortunately, you seem destined to tarnish those glory days with the brillo pad of cheap-skatedness. The problem is that young fans, or even new fans, may not remember or appreciate those great years of 96 and 01 and the many wonderful years where the Pepsi Centre sold out, game after game. These fans, will only look at this year's team and maybe last year's.

They won't see Joe Sakic come through yet again with a clutch game winning goal, they won't see Forsberg weaving his magic in the offensive zone, pulling two or three opposing players with him, before making a tape to tape pass for one of his linemates to score.  

They won't see Adam Foote in his prime, snarling and punching a player who takes liberties and nor will they see Patrick Roy make a highlight reel save, before cockily showing an opposing player the puck.

They won't see Ray Bourque's booming point shot, nor Rob Blake's seismic hip check, nor Ozalinsh's mesmerising skating or Scott Parker dropping the gloves.

What will they see, Stan?

They will see a team who thinks it's okay to lose. A team whose only broken franchise records are for losing streaks. A coach who has no accountability - win or lose, doesn't matter to him, he has your backing. They will see this proud hockey franchise demoted to the lowest tier of NHL competition, with low attendance and lower expectations.

No one is expecting you to spend up to the cap. Prudence is the way of this post-salary cap era; but why not invest a little, to help the guys out? Why not start shouting from the rooftops about this young team's exciting potential? I bet you a dollar that people on this humble website could help you with marketing, and would do it for a year, for less than the price of your last cufflinks you bought.

Why not spend a small amount and get a good return on your investment? Bums on seats, as they say. All publicity is good publicity they say, so why not go for it? Or, if you really can't be bothered, sort out a lease deal and sell the team to someone who can.

Thanks for your time. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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