Unknown Prospects & Free Agents

We all know that Free Agency starts on July 1, so the Avs are going to be facing some tough decisions in the next few weeks.  They have 13 RFAs and 12 UFAs - some of which I've never heard of.  I was hoping that some of you more prospect savvy people might be able to help me out.  Who are these guys, and do any of them have a shot at cracking the Av's roster long-term in the next few years?  Is there any chance that the Avs will renew their contracts?



I'm familiar with O'Byrne, Galiardi, Wilson, Jones, Dupuis, Porter, Stoa, Cumiskey, and B. Elliott.  I'm not sure who is going to be re-signed, but at least I know how they play on a fairly consistent basis.

I saw Ray Macias play a few games, but that's such a small sample that a bit more input might be nice.  

And who are Justin Mercier (23, LW, 5'-11, 190lbs, '05 COL #168) and Harrison Reed (23, C, 6'-1, 185lbs, '06 CAR #93)?  Bright and shiny up-and-coming Avs or career AHLers who might not get a contract renewal to save room for some other prospects?  



Fleischmann, Hejduk, Budaj, Hunwick, Koci and Mauldin are the ones I'm familiar with on this list.  

I have seen a bit of Belle, Liffiton, and Van der Guilk, but again, a bit more input on their style of play would be great.

I've heard some about Jason Bacashihua and John Grahame, the goalies, but I'm guessing that at 28 and 35 respectively, they're not going to make the jump to the big leagues and save us.  Am I right here?

But who are Ben Walter (26, C, 6'-1, 190lbs, '04 BOS #160) and Julian Talbot (26, C, 6'-0, 185lbs, signed '07 STL)?  



These players aren't UFA or RFA this year, but I still know very little about their style of play and would really appreciate some insight.  

Mike Carman (23, C, 6'-0, 180lbs, '06 COL #81, 1 year left on contract)

Zach Cohen (24, LW, 6'-3, 208lbs, signed '10 COL, 1 year left on contract)

Brad Malone (21, C, 6'-2, 207lbs, '07 COL #105, 2 years left on contract)

Joel Chouinard (21, LD, 6'-1, 186lbs, '08 COL #167, 2 years left on contract)

Luke Walker (21, RW, 6'-1, 174lbs, '10 COL #139, 2 years left on contract)


If anyone could help out, that would be great! is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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