Final Grade: Joe Dunman


This report card is a joint effort by Me and all the commenters below. See, see how I give credit to the wonderful and brilliant commenters on every post who make the blog and its posts as good as they are. Jerks. 

Final Grade: B+

Midseason Grade: F

Last Year: Seeing as last year this had as much forethought as his Top 19 list, I'll give him a C. 

Joined MHH in 2007 or something a long time ago.

Debuted with MHH on well the day he joined, because it's a blog.

MHH Nicknames: Joe, The Dude with the Puck, Mike calls him "Where the F$*@ has Joe been" but I think that might not be a nickname so much as a question. I'm not sure. 

Career Highlights: Well he may have been MIA for the season, but the career highlight was undoubtedly this. Highlight of the thread "No, for being an asshole that NOBODY likes. Also, because I can. Again." 

Report: Well it was a very slow season for Joe. Slow is not the right word. Comatose. Well it was a comatose season for Joe. He did not exist for the start of the season and since he wears the ME on his jersey shirt we hold him to a high standard. He basically failed even the lowest possible standard there was to start the season for a staff member. P.S. ME stands for Managing Editor.

But that's ok, because when he came back, he came back with a bang. First he went on a tirade once the Avalanche tank began and started the M4 Tank Thread. Then he dropped the ban hammer on DetAvs/Thomas so fast we couldn't even post jokes in time. Not only did he drop the hammer, but he unleashed a barrage of personal and emotional insults and invectives towards DetAvs before dropping the ban. Brilliance is the only word to describe it. His second highlight, well no. His final highlight was allowing me, Bob, doctor, Malachi, and others to use the -BANNED- meme for a while. DDC did not like it. Joe never showed up, but I imagine he liked it and approved. Thank you for banning that piece of shit DetAvs/Thomas kid. It was your highlight of the year and singlehandedly brought your grade from the midseason "F" to an end season "B+". That "F" stand for "Failing to show up basically ever and pissing off Mike".

The Joe Dunman Drinking Game: Drink a bottle of vodka when Joe bans someone. Drink two bottles of vodka if he insults that person viscously before banning so that person has no chance to respond. Drunk Potential: Dead sober for 360 days or so of the year, but dead from alcohol poisoning the other days

If Joe was a player on the Avalanche: Not to fill his ego, but he's Peter Forsberg. Non-existent for 80 games of the year, but played for 2 and dominated; Forsberg dominated by his awesomeness and existence, but Joe doesn't have that at all. Joe just dominated by his awesome display of moderator ability. 

Outlook for next season: Well, he set the bar very high for banning and showing up in a blaze of glory, but he set the bar about as low as Trailor Arnasson for performance for the season. As long as Joe can ban one more person, here's hoping for BReynolds, he'll do just fine. 


Unlike some other people who grade people, I look forward to the future comments. 

Next up: Sandiegee is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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