Final Grade: Sandiegee




This report card is a joint effort by Me and all the commenters below. See, see how I give credit to the wonderful and brilliant commenters on every post who make the blog and its posts as good as they are. Jerks. 

Final Grade: A-

Midseason Grade: A-

Last Year: Well last year she was not with the big club, she was with the farm team just a lowlely commenter like us. 

Joined MHH in 2009 and was signed to be a Staff Writer in 2010. Pretty quick turn around once DDC started slutting out Staff Writer spots. But I am sure she deserved it. 

Debuted with MHH on some post that I am not going to find, but we'll just assume it was important.

MHH Nicknames: Sandie....uhh....Sandiegee....maybe people call her Sand? No? Ok, nevermind.  

Career Highlights: Undoubtedly her highlight was this. Wait, sorry this. Nope, one more time, here it is

Report: Sandie's year started off very well. As everyone should know, if they have read 4 lines up, she went from just a commenter to Game Day Thread policeman to Staff Writer. This was a meteoric climb that is entirely a result of her refereeing and writing ability and nothing to do with DDC, Mike, and Joe being too lazy to do it themselves so they chose to pass on the menial task to some girl who didn't know what they were pulling. 

I think her refereeing work would have probably given her a B but her grade of an A- is solely a result of her cupcakes, a post where she spend hours upon hours of her day scouring the internet looking for every mention of the Avalanche and posts well though out commentary pretty much uses a google search and copies and pastes links. But man is it good. Her cupcakes led to a tsunami of innuendo  and puns culminating into an explosion of sexual posts. Her daily cupcakes should lead to intelligent commentary but it pretty much leads to Randy imagining this (NSFW?). 

As for her grade, I would have loved to give her an A+ but whenever she brings out a new tray  post of cupcakes it inevitably leads to a complete derailment of the thread, nay the entire blog. But, without her cupcakes all of us members would have to do our own work to find out news and she is a vital source of sexual jokes and promiscuous commentary news. 

Also of note is her unique ability to please. I complained about the cupcakes originally being called "Bits and Links" and she immediately put up a poll to change the name. That sort of passive, subservient, and bend-over backward kindness is something that cannot be taught. I hope no one ever abuses that. Cough...Mike....cough. 

The Sandiegee Drinking Game: Drink whenever a comment of Sandie's results into a sexual tangent in the comments. Day Drunk Potential: I can't find a word that means deader than dead, so I will say dead. Night Drunk Potential: Depends on if Malachi, Randy, and/or Doctor is on. 

If Sandie was a player on the Avalanche:  It would be easy to say Winnik since she has an unhealthy obsession with him. No seriously, get that checked out. Sandie would be Phillipe Dupuis: super energetic, everyone adores her, she came straight from the farm system, she comes out hard every day and you tell me that this look doesn't say "female blue steel". 

Outlook for next season: Well she will have a hard time trying to one up her cupcakes but she might need to tone down the sexual talk since we'll have some new members, Baby@MHH, Jibblebaby, and I swear there was another, coming who aren't quite up to her level's say maturity; yeah her maturity. 

Unlike some other people who grade people, I look forward to the future comments. 

Next up: Mike is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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